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This is NOT a charity

But this IS a poll! Thanks for the gold! 0.66550591489467 66.6% [ 26947 ]
I have a charity to add. 0.057568348521894 5.8% [ 2331 ]
I'm looking for a charity. I'll click one of the links listed. 0.27692573658344 27.7% [ 11213 ]
Total Votes:[ 40491 ]
can someone donate 134000 gold pls or dangerous denim
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URL of Charity:http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/charity-quests/l-o-a-f-charity-quest-open-contests/t.81986055/
Charity Name:L.O.A.F Charity
Owner(s):da_evil_candy, cIawnie
Requirements:5 post minimum, support when possible, chat, read the rules of the charity
we will be having competitions and events soon
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Can Someone Donate? i need to get an item called Inari's Beads and Light Spirit, the blush
Questing all your un wanted junk or off anyone can help I will like gold or a lusty thank you if u do I will pay u back if u want to
Questing all your un wanted junk or off anyone can help I will like gold or a lusty thank you if u do I will pay u back if u want to
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can some one donate 200k plz i will be in ur dept emo
Questing all your un wanted junk or off anyone can help I will like gold or a lusty thank you if u do I will pay u back if u want to

This is Not a Chairty,.
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Invisible Giver

URL of Charity: http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/charity-quests/crescent-moon-charity-tons-of-gold-halloween-event/t.9813889/
Charity Name: *~ Crescent Moon Charity ~*
Owner(s): Amunet022
Requirements: Account (3+ Months Old & 500+ Posts), Quest Thread (7+ Pages), Item Questing must be 100k+ Gold
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Currently updating this List! smile Thanks for your patience!

Edit: All posts in thread added if requirements met. If your charity did not get added, it did not look active in the past month to me. Please feel free to reapply when your charity shows more activity (I especially look for owners to be posting in the charity).
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Happy early christmas Santa!
I have been a long time gaia gamer and over the years out grew the game I have not loged in sense 2008 lol. I have a lot of items and gold and want to give it all away to a few charities but its been so long I dont even know where to start. I remember how hard it was staring out in this and want to give back. If some of the charities can get with me I will be more then happy to help I dont even know the worth of some of the items i have any more lol. I have thank you letters from 07 the items on me as well as many others. off to bed but I will be loging in often once my items are gone smile burning_eyes
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Can Someone please emotion_kirakira Donate Ultra Satan or some gold would be nice emotion_yatta
THANK YOU!!! 4laugh have a nice day heart
Please Donate to contribute to my first 1million gold <3
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URL of Charity: http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/charity-quests/supporters-of-tea/t.80570015/
Charity Name: ღ℗ℨ₡ℍąℝῐℑỷღ aka ღℙºᾧℰ®ℙuƒƒℙiℕæỵ§™ღ
Owner(s): p3blossom, p3bubbles, & p3butter (3rl sisters)
Requirements (minimum/maximum number of posts, length on Gaia, length/age of quest thread, etc.): the more participation in the thread the larger amount of gifting become a regular & skies the limit, the more ranges in price you have on your wishlist as well the more you will be gifted, we like to gift alot so if your wishlist is full of 50-100k+ we may not be able to get to you as fast as others that have 0-20 or 30k+ items redface
Why does it say I'm leaving Gaiaonline when I click on some of the links? Please enlighten me! xD

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