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thank you so much, Santa. this is very helpful smile
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Hey Santa - even tho I don't believe in you, I appreciate the helpfulness smile Hope you and my Hanukkah fairy get along!
i guess the santa on gaia is really helpful ^^
¡™£¢∞§¶• but for my computer it eneded up differnet then what you said XP
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Thanks, Santa. You are wonderful!
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This is very helpful. Thank you!

I think your right santa a mule would make it alot easier to managa charity funds smile
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Hi! This thread has been a great help to me, so thanks.

I do have a few questions though.

I would like to set up a chairity for those questing tickets(mainly) and other game item quests.

I would have a form to fill out where you must provide a quest thread at least 2 weeks old that us regularly bumped by the creator (at least 2x a week or so), Amount you have/need username ect.

I will choose who gets filled first based on how active they are as a user and how active their quest thread is.

I would also host a lotto where slots are bought with tickets or tokens.
In the beginning, I would give out a free slot to whoever puts a banner of mine in their sig.
The lotto item would be something like....the Wed to darkness or Cloud because they are very popular. They're both about 130k so I would have about 45k slots... each costing 1 ticket, limit 500 slots per participant. I value the tickets at 3g each.

Do you think that that is too small a limit per person, to great? Should I not use an item so expensive? I am afraid that a lotto with so many slots will take forever to fill, and that will deter participants.

I do not plan on using such vocabulary in the thread. >< lol

I have set up a few events online like raffles ect, but I am afraid that I wont get enough traffic in the Chairities/quests forum to make a raffle successful.

Besides this, I dont know how many people are questing for tickets and game items, other than those making gold off the items at the exchange.

I will start setting this up, but I will not open it until I get some feedback.... Also, do you think that the raffle will supply the tickets I need? I think I should figure out a way to hire people for playing slots for me... perhaps free avi art. (see my profile, the art isnt bad at all, maybe it will be a good enough incentive) Maybe... 1 freebie bust for every 500 tokens you play, and I will supply the tokens. Maybe it ought to be every 200 tickets b/c some could not donate all the tickets..but then th deters donations.... hm. any thoughts?

Thank you all!!! I will reserve my posts now. .... biggrin
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well, I've set up.

link in sig. smile
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Thank you for your help, Santa.
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Added. Thanks!
I love you, Santa. (:
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Thanks for the information, Santa! It's very helpful!

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