I guess I should tell you about myself. Why else would you click? Other than my media is always pure win. Agree or die. ;B

Read this BEFORE you friend request me.
If you have any other questions after this, ask politely. :]


Name; Call me D.
Age; 28
Sex; Thanks, but I'll pass.

I'm pro-choice, pro-death, pro-cannibalism.
I'm anti-rabbit, anti-hair, anti-cinnamon.

I don't like television. I don't like coming in contact with water. I don't want to see you.

I like movies. I like polka. I like otome games.

I'm afraid of fish, crowds of strangers, weird noises at night.

I'm allergic to oranges, gel capsules, cold medicine.

I collect broken silverware, teeth, empty vaccination bottles, old medical books, old medical equipment, porcelain dolls, anything Alice, lockets, ghosts.

My favorite food is broccoli. I like my burgers medium well. I like to dip my chicken in ketchup. I make incredible soup.

I won't eat anything that came out of the water. I won't eat anything with cinnamon in. I won't eat anything that was even in the same grocery bag as an orange or product with orange in it. I won't eat anything off a bone.

I'm part German, and extremely proud of it. I'm just as stubborn as my stereotype implies. I have to win a fight. I will never back down. Do not get in an arguement about certain subjects with me. I will launch a war.

Names interest me. I have an extreme dislike of certain names. I have an extreme fondness of certain names. It's probably better if you don't tell me your name. I might stop talking to you just because I don't like your name. It gets awkward, doncha know.

I have several different disorders, dangerous obsessions, and addictions. I do a lot of stuff that's probably illegal or immoral or a sin. I honestly don't care and you're not going to convince me to stop. If it makes you uncomfortable, then just leave. Don't judge me and I'll return the favor.

Just because I'm inked doesn't mean I want to see your tramp stamp. Keep your pictures to yourself. Looking at pictures of who I'm talking to gives me the creeps.

I hate Linkin Park with a passion, don't ask me why. I'm absolutely mad about Rammstein. Lung power and deep voices impress me greatly. Country "music" is the sound the devil makes when he's trying to take a really big s**t.

I love a lot of different anime and manga, but I'm picky. I love Battle Royale, anything by Junji Ito and Ibitsu. I hate Naruto and Fruits Basket. Rabid fans of either can stfu or gtfo. I don't want to read your slash. Keep your crappily drawn or written pornography away from people who have good taste. I will not tell you about my personal fandom characters, I expect the same from you.

I tend to do some pretty reckless and dangerous things. Like driving 80mph in the country at midnight when it's foggy and during deer hunting season. I'm also a bit of a pyro.

I'm bisexual. Single. I am not looking. I will not let you know if I change my mind. I am not interested in you. I'm not here to date. Too old for that crap.

Suck my diiiick, I'm a shaaaark.

I'm offensive and proud. Don't bother letting me know when I've crossed the line, I won't care. I'm also a slight nudist in person. Most of my household prefers to walk around nude. It's fun. Try it sometime.

I swear like a sailor and cook like your mother. I'm always down to swap recipes as long as they don't contain seafood or oranges. I like to think I'd make a good housewife as long as I had a muzzle on me. I do bite.

I'm not as much of a hardass as I may come across as, I'm just weird. I guarantee you'll never find another woman like me. Whether that's a blessing or a curse is up to your discretion.



Erm.. stoof? D= I'll type here later, I'm lazy right now. >>



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