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So I see you would like to know a little bit about the store? Well this area here is where we will be keeping all the information about any news and updates. So keep your eyes peeled and you'll never really miss a thing.

    {Nov. 23th, 08}
      A new thread to start anew in a dying shop. I know that with regulars and events, we can make this thread live again, and make it a fun place to be.

    {Aug. 24th, 08}
      Wheee we're going to have our opening event tonight...it'll kick off with the FS and then from there we will open up the auctions and the raffles. As well as any planned games. Thanks for all the patients and help from all of you.

    {Aug. 14th, 08}
      There is going to be some changes implemented here soon. Please bear with us as we try and get this shop up and running perfectly for all of our new customers. A guild has been purchased, we are in the process of getting it set up but if you would like to join please go to the link and we'll accept you slowly but surely.

    {Aug. 7th, 08}
      Thread Made : D
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.:General Shop Rules:.
Since all shops need rules...here are the general rules set forth for the shop. Failure to follow these rules will get you gray or blacklisted

1. No profanity, fighting or drama! Be respectful to everyone at all times.
2. Only send PMs to Mihano Kiri _Usune, the shop mule.
3. Keep in mind that we are real people and real life issues may come up. In the case of an issue I hope that all of you are respectful enough to give us the time needed
4. Art theft is NOT allowed. This includes non-staff taking the Usune art and coloring it.
5. No advertising! Keep it in your signature block.
6. No refunds will ever be given.
7. Payment for all Usune is due within 24 hours. If they aren't paid for, they will be re-sold. In rare case you can tell us what is going on and we will try to accommodate you.
8. Do not ask for a job or to guest color.
9. You may own as many Usune as you can afford to take care of. However, each event will have it's own rules.
10. Selling any Usune by yourself is against the rules. If you choose to sell a Rosebud, it must be done through the shop via. shop-set limited ticket raffle with the shop getting a percent. You can only do this once. You may only give away your Usune to a friend for free or give to the shop for free rehoming.
11. Bribing owners for their Usune is NOT allowed; if anyone tries it, both parties will be subject to consequences!
12. Do not ask someone if you can co-own their pet. The only person who can ask for co-ownership is the owner.
13. Two Usune, even male and female, can't be made to be exactly alike or similar unless they are twins or have permission from the owner.
14. Please keep in mind that the owners of the shop can amend these rules at any time.
15. Please follow all Gaia's TOS

.:Thread RP Rules:.

1. Use whatever tense the creator of the RP went with (present or past)
2. Humans can't understand what a Usune is saying, so RPing as a human will basically be interactions between you and the Usune.
3. Try to not to leave anyone out. Give people a chance to join in.
4. No god-modding
5. When RPing your Usune, it is recommended that you use a text color, just to make it easier.
6. Please do not bring different pets in to the thread. We would perfer that it be a RP for Usune's only.
7. Non-cosplays cannot take the name of a cosplay character and they cannot take that cosplay's personality either.
8. Do not RP someone else's kit, without their permission first.
We also try to follow the Daisy Code here
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    Q:. How do I get a Usune, ect.?
      A:. Through, flatsale, raffle, or auction.

    Q:. OMG I CAN HAZ NAO FREE!!!111!?
      A:. No so please do not ask. You can acquire them just like everyone else. Through FS, Raffle, or Auction.

    Q:. Can we co-own?
      A:. No, this causes a lot of drama, and besides two people keeping one rose is kinda weird.

    Q:. Can they breed?
      A:. Yes however, the breeding process can only be done by an adult Usune. Please see breeding for other answers.

    Q:. Can I re-sell my pet?
      A:. No, period.

    Q:. Are these role-play required?
      A:. No, however we do ask that you drop in every once in a while so we know you didn't just take a pet and run. Role play will have certain advantages however, so it might be a good thing if you stick around and RP.

    Q:. How long do they take to grow up?
      A:. These aren't exact estimates. IRL issues can happen.
      The buds bloom in to kits from a couple of days to two weeks.
      The kits grow up to adults from three weeks to a month.

    Q:. Can I sell or give away my Usune's baby?
      A:. Sure! All selling is done through the shop. The shop gets 25%, the breeder gets 50%, and the owner gets 25%. It is against the rules to sell a baby on your own.

    Q:. How come I would only get 25%?
      A:. Because we were prefer you not to do that. You can as the rules state do this only once, because these are pets not gold machines.

    Q:. How do I get a mate for my Usune??
      A:. RP in the guild or thread. Bluntly asking in the thread is a no-no. PMing an owner of a single adult is ok too. Just don't PM them more than once.

    Q:. OMG! Did you draw these yourself??
      A:. No. I commissioned KonaSenpai to draw them. We do color them though.

    Q:. Are you hiring?
      A:. We will tell you when or if we are hiring so please DO NOT ASK

    Q:. I don't have a question that's here...What do I do?
      A:. If it's not listed here, PM the Mule with the title subject, F.A.Q
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Once upon a clear dark night, a young girl clad in faded blue jeans and a plan white t-shirt, minus a few stains, stood infront of a row of trees that marked the entrence to the Forest of Usune. This forest had been said to been forbidden because of the creatures that lurked within the trees that seemed to draw in the darkness.

Despite the tales that spewed from the mouths of the ones that claimed to have gotten out of the forest barely alive, the young girl stood in front of the forest. Her golden eyes twinkled in delight as he tossed her brown hair over her should with a swift flick of her wrist. And with that, she trudged through the trees, traveling farther and farther into the forest that never saw light.

The longer she was in the forest, the more the girl wondered how the plants at the base od the trees grew with out and sunlight. The tree's canopies were way to large and without gaps to allow sunlight to filter though and reach the dazzling plants at the base of there trunks. But none the less, beautiful flowers shone brightly when the moonlight hit them, whenever it was able to touch the petals, and sparkled like diamonds.

The girl was about to turn around and leave when out of the corner of her eye, she spotted the most dazzling, bright red rose, hidden in the mass of a bush. It was sitting in the most shadiest part of the forest, yet it was the most brillent by far. She carefully bent down to examine it closer. Her long thin fingers had just reached the dew covered petals when she noticed a pair of glimmering red eyes watching her. Startled, she grabbed the dazzling rose without knowing and pulled it away from the bush, right before she turned and ran away from the forest and back to her home.


Tired from running the whole way, the girl collapsed on her doorstep. Panting, she looked down at her hand when she felt a sharp pain. In her hand was the rose. She hadn't remembered picking it, but she must have, the proof was in her palm. Sighing, she stood. The girl opened the door and went to her cabinets. First she need to clean her cut from the thorn, then find a proper vase for the rose.

Once her cut was clean and bandaged, the girl grabbed a clear crystal vase from her cabinets and filled it with water. After filling it she picked up the rose and gentle placed it in. She stared at it solemnly, knowing that it wouldn't last long, but hoped for the best.


A few weeks later the girl looked at the dying flower. It was sadly down to it's last petal, which was sure to fall off any moment. Scratching the side of her head, she sighed unhappily. turning towards the fridge she began to scavenge through it, just as the sound of glass hitting the floor broke the air. Wide-eyed, the girl turned around to find, pieces of a broken vase, a withered petal, and a fox kit with bunny ears.

After discovering that every rose picked fromt he forest turns into these creatures, the girl made stared to sell these animals to kind, caring owners that would watch over them. But what did she call these animals of course? Usunes, after the forest.

What happened to her kit, you ask? Well the girl named it Mihano Kiri, after herself. The girl grew up and so did the kit, eventually becoming a beautiful goddess.
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A lovely rose, hand picked from the forest. Keep with beautiful flower somewhere without and sunlight but a lot of moisture for about a week.

User ImageUser Image
Oh my! What's this? Your flower has turned into a cute kit! It has bunny ears but 3 fox tails? how absurd! Your kit won't reach adult hood for another 2 weeks.

User ImageUser Image
Wow, what a handsome Usune. It's 3 tails have turned into 9! It seems to have stopped growing...

User ImageUser Image
This stage is very rare. It take a lot of, care, rp, and hanging around the shop to reach this stage. Not much is known yet.
.:Stages of planned species:.

No info right now > .>
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      Flat price for the roses are 5k for non-growings it will be 3K. Payment is due within 24 hours of winning unless something comes up. In this case we must be alerted; this includes going out of town or any other form of being unable to send payment.

      A couple notes, you can proxy for someone else and get one for yourself. HOWEVER, you MUST post them separately. If they are in the same post, it will be rejected and you must try again. No post editing either. To make sure you do not edit your post you will be required to roll a die or random number.

      Each flatsale will open when you see the GO post, it will be in bright red bold letters. Anything posted before the GO post will not count.

Love you all! Thank you!

      Special roses are auctioned off to the highest bidder. These roses have been the most dazzling chosen out of the forest.

      Instead of only having 24 hours due payment, you have 48 hours, though we advise that you send the payment right away. We will take items at 90% lowest mark-place value of when bid took place.

None at this time

      Raffles are held for events and when there are extra roses from breedings. In the case of breedings, those raffles are completely free. In other cases, tickets are 100g each.

      Please post the following for tickets
      [align=center][b][color=green](username) Want To Take Part! # Tickets Please![/color][/b][/align]

nothing atm...keep checking

    .:Ticket Holders:.
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There are no familiar items in this area...perhaps after we learn more about the Usune we shall see something here
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There are only certain times when Usune are able to breed. The weather needs to be just right and in times of winter the green house has to be prepared correctly or the offspring won't grow right. To create the offspring essence is taken from the parents (piece of fur) and planted in soil. This is done because of the way Usune's start their lives in the world. Because of the way breeding take place all pairings ( f,f/ f,m/ and m/m) are allowed. The offspring is born when a rose bud peaks out of the soil and should turn into a bloomed rose anywhere from a few days to two weeks. Usune can not breed unless they have been an adult for longer then a month.

    For Breeding ::
      When breeding is open you will see in this post, all the information you need to receive a breeding slot. Such as when, who are doing them, how they will be done and how many pots are open.

    Determining the Number of Offspring ::
      The colorist will do a random number generator with the following values.
      RP Couple - 3-6
      Non-Rp Couple - 2-6
      God/dess - 3 (no rolling)

    Determining Gender ::
      Gender is determined doing another random number generator. One for female and Two for male. This will be done for all offspring.

      To snag a breeding slot you will need to post the following form.

    [size=24][color=red]BREED MY PETS![/color][/size]
    [b]Payment is From[/b]:: (You, both, other)
    [b]RP[/b]: (Yes or No)
    [b]Link[/b]: (if applicable)

    Some other information ::
      Breeding is based on a system of rolls with only one or two exceptions.

      Normals/Angelics/Demonics may all interbreed. The buds that arrive will be a mixed collection, which means there can be a mixture of the parents in the kits, or only one parent in the kits, or in the rare cases of more then one generation there can be no mixture from the parents.

      God/desses may breed with the lesser breeds. However, if you breed a God/dess with a Normal/Angel/Demon it will not be a godly bud.

    Pricing ::
      Normal Couples - 4k total (2K from each 'parent')
      Angel/Demon Couples - 4k total (2K from each 'parent')
      God/dess Couples - 10k total (5K from each 'parent')


There are no pots available
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Well it looks like you are looking for something. Perhaps these items will help you find what you are looking for.

    Normal Foxes - no wings or halos/horns
    (These are common)

      Lost or Found Growing (3 stages): 50K
      Lost or Found Non-growing (perma kit or adult stage): 20K

      Custom color growing (3 stages): 65K
      Custom color non-growing (perma kit or adult stage): 30K

      Full Custom growing (3 stages): 70K
      Full Custom non-growing (perma kit or adult stage): 40K

    Angelic Foxs/Demonic Foxes - single wings and halo/horn only
    (These are uncommon)

      Lost or Found Growing (3 stages): 100K
      Lost or Found Non-growing (perma kit or adult stage): 50K

      Custom color growing (3 stages): 120K
      Custom color non-growing (perma kit or adult stage): 60K

      Full Custom growing (3 stages): 150K
      Full Custom non-growing (perma kit or adult stage): 80K

    Special Wings or God/dess: Big Bribe
    (These are rare)

    Cos-plays (line edits fall under this category): 300K to 400K depending on complexity

    Use the following form to order when there are slots opened. Please replace the bracketed (stuff in here) info. biggrin

    [b]Colorist Wanted:[/b] Wyntre or Angel
    [b]Type:[/b] Normal, Angelic/Demonic, Bribe, Cosplays
    [b]Price:[/b] (Depends on what you choose to do)
    [b]Name:[/b] (Whatever you want as long as it isn't obscene)
    [b]Owner:[/b] (Your sn or the person it is going to)
    [b]Gender: [/b](Male or Female)
    [b]Additional info:[/b] (This is where if you got a custom of any sort you will put all the custom info, please note that you only can customize something on the Custom, and the Full customs. The other slots are just a way to get a Usune if you didn't get one any other way.)

    **Please note the difference between Color Custom and Full Custom is that in a Color Custom you choose colors we use but that's about it. In a Full Custom we'll let you choose the color and pattern. Line edits fall under cos-play due to the time and effort put in to them.**


Please post here for Wyntre's slots.

Wyntre Slots: Closed

Wyntre Bribes: Open

Wyntre Cos/Line Edits: Closed

Please post here for Angel's slots.

Angel Slots: Open


Angel Bribes: Open

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Co Owner, Colourist, Certist, Will do edits and breedings, Will also take care of any updates, announcements and guild related issues

Samples: [ X ]

**more to follow**


Co Owner, Colourist, Certist
Will do random customs.

Samples: [X][X]


.:Line Art/Shading:.
Copyright to KonaSenpai

Anyone found stealing and/or using this art without permission will be blacklisted and reported.
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KonaSenpai: Such a wonderful person made the lines, shading and certs for us. Also helped out a WHOLE lot when we first opened up. Kona we are forever greatful to you. heart
Shikai-Chan and Starr: They were both GREAT GREAT help <3
All the Staff: Umm hello? Do we need a reason?

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You can find the owner's list in the guild following this link.
A full list of pick ups cand be found following this link.
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-.-.-Links out-.-.-

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