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Wings are definitely gorgeous *loves on the hair*
maybe it should go to some one who doesnt have alot of noodles already. and who hasnt Received a noodle from any give outs or events as of Late.
but that is my view XD

lol edited: blond moment
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That is what a true gentlemen does!


There is no puzzle without a solution.
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Thanks for the congratulations everyone! *snugs on Crimson and Gey*
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Congrats again, Wolfey-luff xDD [Snugs back]
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Grats Wolfey!
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Well, I've posted my forms for this round of breedings. My only Lifemated couple is trying for their second litter, while they've just become grandfathers. Should this be called jealousy or nostalgia? |3 One ONS couple is there, too. Valentines themed babbins coming from them would be cute. >3>

'Grats Wolfy! -Snugs-

O3O He is so pretty, ohmygod! Are you going to raffle him, too? emotion_kirakira
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Bloody Hell Hound
Rosa Belle: I am okay, or well... I zuppose i am. Just worried...! *She glanced around before nodding, following after Lysander* You zink it iz zis wayFor sure? *Tries not to think too much about it, or ask too many questions*

Cherry Tesko: *Nods as she continues to follow the other, still really nervous about this* Ah, i see...! I've been to a few of these restaurants, but only the ones where, uh... There's others like me. *She nodded once more, tail swaying*

Lysander: Well . . . Alright then, but I'm sure we'll be back on the path soon enough, so don't worry. If I can just find the trail . . . - He sniffed discreetly at the forest floor again, but could scent nothing. Did that mean they'd headed the wrong way? He certainly hoped not, but he couldn't see any distinct bush around. - It's the best chance we've got. I'm not sure it's the way, but it should head back there.

Liliuokalani: Others like you? Other aqautics? There will be other aquatics there, of course. You won't be the only one. I am an aquatic as well, so it will be fine. - nods resolutely - Besides, it is worth it whether or not there are others. French toast is very worth it.
*Snugs Wolfey back* You're welcome sweetheart.

And I can't believe I missed the tea talk! I LOVE tea >.> *Eyes the vast quantities in her cupboard*
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Am I alone in your heart?
Have I hope with your heart?
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That guy is beautiful, Deej!

*rolls about*

I was going to write something else,
but I was distracted by tumblr... again.

Sorry for going MIA on some of you asking questions,
I took a nap between 2:30 and 3ish. ^w^;

Every time that we meet
I skip a heartbeat.
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-wiggles in and nibbles on Yushi-
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Heyhey Mameha.

Back when Dark got hired did you say something about hiring in the future?
Will you or am I crazy? 8I
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Livestream over here yo

Gonna be working on a couple things to finish them off. So come in and hang out I guess? Find out news for something I'll be doing?

I'm finishing eating a snack though so it'll be a couple minutes of music and BS until then |D

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