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The yellow on the head bothers me but everything else is spot on! Wonderful ghost pirate! 9/10

I like the colors/theme but I just hate the sitting pose in general.
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Handsome Gaian

too plain.... not much' to rate 6/10

urm, red items for the feet area?
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Apocalyptic Rogue

Shadow Huntress boots?

Other then that, no idea.



"Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wagh’nagl fhtagn."
i sgest u
rmove the yllow teet.

r8r blow r8 me frm
9.9 to 10, go.
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User Image
10/10, because it fits your style~
Really good, clever and interesting to look at. I wouldn't even know where to start if I was making that avatar so for that I'll give you 9/10.
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I... really don't know what you're going with there. The blue hood doesn't fit with the rest of the ensemble. Maybe if you added in a background for context? I dunno. Plus, lose the cat ears. Seriously.

@rater: Comments and suggestions, please. Giving me just a number is just wrong.
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Friendly Friend

8/10 Something about those eyes...
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the tail seems out of place on the human base, try using the simian items and different eyes?
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on your head there seems to be a lack of feather. a random black bald spot in a way, try getting something to cover that up? 9/10 i think your design is clever
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good start with theme
keeping adding to it
a top, a handheld, background item, something to distribute the yellow further.
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Looks cool, but the cape ruin it for me.
6 // 10
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i love the way the avatar matches the colors of the underused titans legacy, but there's a lack of that bright teal on your head. try reversible hairpins?

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