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de Hemel op Aarde

Not a big fan of backgrounds but I do love rainbows ^_^ 7/10

Quite the fan of your avie. It doesn't fit traditional overdetailed/matchey avies,
yet it holds both beauty & quirk, along with a boyish charm.
ds so hot, so lusty.

r8r below, r8 me from 9.9 to 10 / 10
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Theme over colour co-ordination here. In that sense, it's definitely spot-on. I'd say drop the pearls for something a little more low-cost looking as an improvement, unless this is a cosplay avatar.

@Rater: Please refrain from giving me some meaningless number rate. Talk about what works, what doesn't, and how it could improve.
hello asian guy,
mind beating up your warrior for a more
effective and masculine character,
going for a clean looks is quite boring to look at
you could add some shade on the face?
a beard or a 5 o'clock shadow?
and also try some movement~
how about raising one arm up?
im unable to suggest shoe stuffs
but if you have something un'wobblier
and skinnier than that ugly sandals,
you'd better get one.

r8r blw r8 me frm 9.9 to 10 or
skip d fcku out of me, k.
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Avatar looks very artistic smile
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Witty Cat


Judging from your signature, I believe you're quite the Pokemon fan so I'll keep that in mind while rating.

I dunno what your original aim was but, from the Pokeball-ish item, I think I'm looking at a Pokemon trainer ^_^

I'm a big fan of orange, I like to see warm colors all together on an avatar. Also, I like how you got his facial expression to look fierce and determined, so good job at that! emotion_yatta What I think you should improve is the background. I like animations but in this case it draws the attention from the avatar itself so I'd take it off if I were you 3nodding


[[To the next rater, please don't just give me a number ^^ I'd like to know more about your opinion (: ]]
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I've never been a fan of animated items, it looks weird to have one thing moving with everything else being still. I feel like there was the idea that things should match that wasn't actually applied. It feels very thrown together, and cluttered in a look-at-the-things-i-own way, not a these-all-go-together way.
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The coloration of this really appeals to me aesthetically. The styling of it is also so spot on. I love the top combination. 10/10
very colorful
I like how you made the rainbow on your hat match the rest of your avi very nicely

@rater: rate and should i got back to silver hair like my siggy picture or is this hair fine?
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Witty Cat


I'd keep that hair 3nodding

I really like your avi! I love how the orange accessories give it a nice Halloween feel emotion_yatta Also, very good color balance (: 9/10

@To the next rater, please don't just give me a number ^^ I'd like to know more about your opinion (:
8/10 it liiks pretty kool and king-like.
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With some accessories, this could be a nice "normal guy" avatar. Hats, bracelets, necklaces, spunky shoes, something that will stand out and be colorful.
I feel that this is unfinished and might be a little unfair to rate it.
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User Image

you colors all match well and the look is pretty interesting. i really don't like the legs though.
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Love the colors, love the avatar, love how it all fits together, but I cant really see what your avatar is supposed to be, so a very small minus for that

great avvie though

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