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linas so sexay ^_~

her av= 7
pretty classy look u got there Kalen...i give it a 9 (just because i still like the biker look more!!!!)
a pretty nice look rurouniuno has, 8/10
A Kitsune with chick slippers....I give ya a 6!
Cookie's avatar

Fashionable Cutie-Pie

Cute style
It would be better if the shoes weren't so...how should I say it...curly...but can't be too picky
The elf ears are great on your avatar so just for that I give it an...8.5
id give mina a 8 just beacuse hes got crack baby eyes
Cookie gets an 8 cause I like her hair and gloves smile Pink hair is teh sex0r

all it is is rare items and glasses, just like LIU...

it doesn't look that great.


You have that men in black look... but your missing something so I give you an 8 biggrin
Love the brightness of her hair ... but slippers with stockings ... okay as long as it's not inRL.
8 for sdeleven :3 i'd change the color of those gloves ^O^;;;
jojo gets an 8/10 from me. The fox tail sorta stands out awkwardly with the brown and white combo. ^^
Shadowstar's avatar

Magnetic Genius

7/10 for Tulokyn...

It's a nice outfit, and the fox ears/tail do go well together, but it just seems that everyone's wearing them recently...
I think that mines pretty cute. Nothin fancy. My hair really isn't short, but I figured with Anime ya gotta have blue hair (well pretty much)
.......pay attention to the rules jedigirl...

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