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Miss Fangy
Hey admins! whee

First of all, Lanzer- here is a picture of you in 2007 with my water meat on your head Lanzer & Water Meat I found it a few weeks ago and got a kick out of it

Question - Do you guys have any kind of paid internship? I thought I saw a page for internships last year but now I can't seem to find it.

Thanks! heart

Awwwww, watermeat head - thanks for sharing that picture! ^^

As for the summer internships, I haven't heard anything about these going on this summer, so for now, there is no news on this front. If we DO get internships, I suspect they'd be posted on the corporate page, so keep checking that. Also, we can make a staff alert if there are internships! biggrin

Bummer. I'll just keep an eye out and a resume prepped whee thanks for answering my question!
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Whale Child
Is there any way possible to not have meebo automatically sign you in?
It's redundant to having to log out whenever I log into my account or sometimes change pages
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Hello!! I was wondering if you guys would ever considered having a color wheel for post color options instead of the 13 colors we currently have to choose from. It would be a lot easier than finding a color code online or in forums. sweatdrop
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pas d-amour
User Image

Make this happen, Lanz! either the Gold shops or as an GC item!

Interesting! Thanks for the suggestion. I can forward your idea along to the art team biggrin
This is so exciting! Thank you! I hope something like this is released as maybe a 2013 spring fashion mens/womens item! if you guys think of continuing that, of course!
Black Death Goddess
Just wondering this, but do any admins here watch the History Channel?

I do on occasion; but sometimes they get documentaries on there that make attention-crippling mistakes. For example, "this is not the mighty Roman Empire of Caesar and Cleopatra." Yes, that was enough to cause me to change the channel instead of watching a docu about the Huns. surprised
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I had a question about the arenas , where would I be able to go to find out which sites are whitelisted when using a reference image. Because I tried photobucket but I keep getting an error message about using whitelisted sites for reference images in the cosplay arena.
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Gen and Evan
Just curious,
Will ZOMG have easter egg hunting this year?
I am really looking forward to it this year.
Im also wondering if chocolate eggs either pink or brown will be available so that I can finish my zomg recipe for the chocolate girl.
They've stated that they have nothing planned for upcoming site events
I miss the eggs D;

gonk gonk gonk NUUUUUUU! WHY!? emo
devs are all working on other projects and the company won't move them back to zOMG
I'm going to guess they're on that new weird kitten thing
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Narumi Misuhara
Silk Kanishk
Narumi Misuhara
Silk Kanishk
Guys, as usual, I have just one question...

zOMG!, zOMG!, zOMG!, zOMG?

...As usual, same answer. See my journal smile

Will it be done by Easter though. That's the question? We're already getting questions from users wondering if we'll have an Easter event this year.

For the moment nothings changed, so based on the data I currently have I would have to say no. We have not been able to get the particular developers time to be able to get someone trained to do anything with it.

Then hire me. I'll do it for you. I'll even work for peanuts if that's the issue. razz
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Winter Hue
Is there any chance we can have a Masquerade sequel of some type? Or at least have another evolving item similar to it? It is honestly the most commonly used item in my inventory and is incredibly helpful.

I wouldn't mind paying 999GC for such an item.
Bangs, wigs, facial hair, noses, makeup, lips, and maybe even eyes.

Heck it would be amazing if it was a collaboration item with many of the artists.
Each coming in and adding there own touches to our faces. Sounds like a winner to me.
Heck heck heck, it could even be 1299GC - 1499GC if it gets enough poses to warrant the price tag.
Yes, yes, yes and YES ohgod i would love to see that
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Zero Omega

Hello Lanzer I'm using bettergaia on google chrome and well, it seems that when I click on "my gaia" or a friends picture on my online friends tab it takes me some where else or I have to refresh 6 times to get the right thing plus It doesn't load pages or rally correctly I'm really worried, could you please try to look into this problem if anyone else is having it.
Also the inventories aren't working correctly and I when I click on one item I get a totally different item in the process.

It sounds like this problem might be caused by BetterGaia, an unofficial third-party application. Try using the site without this app and see if things work like normal.

Uhm its not just bettergaia normal gaia is still the same but a little worse.

I'm not running into any of the problems that you are, send me a PM with a more detailed steps to reproduce and I can check it out and shoot it over to our devs if we find an issue.
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Also Admins, I have another question.

Will there ever be a more affordable version of the Sainte Ciel Agape scissors pose? I used to have a lot of hair/wig items and I would love to shorten them, but currently Agape 1st gen is around 3mil.
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Castiel Lover
First, thank you for the Waffles ears and Waffles companion that were released this month. God knows I was getting tired of begging for a Waffles companion every ATA.

Second, wtf did you have to make Waffles so rare for? ;-; You hate me, is that is?

My question/request: Will you please re-release the heck out of Waffles in upcoming RIGs? And raise the drop rate, perhaps? My reasoning is as follows: Waffles it the most requested pet ever. For many months, it wasn't just me that asked at ATAs for a waffles companion as his presence on Gaia grew (though I might have been the first). As Gaia's newest unofficial mascot, and a much loved kitty, I think he needs to be more accessible. 35 million is NOT accessible.


There's a waffles companion?

Yes, "Waffles the Cat" is the Ship Happens rare rig pet.
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How can I get my stolen items & my other account back as quickly as possible? The hacker has removed all my friends from my other account & sold my valuable items.
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Black Death Goddess
Just wondering this, but do any admins here watch the History Channel?

im not an admin, but i watch the history channel. Are you going to watch the " Vikings" special?
Oh yes I did, how could I not when I'm part Viking on my mom's side?

Woah that's kinda cool. Are you for reals? You can trace you lineage that far back? Hey did you ever see the movie " The 13th Warrior "?
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Uncle Kenny
Hey guys smile Hope you're all having a great day! So, I was just very curious to know if you would be doing an event for Easter? If so, I wanted to make a suggestion that you do an Easter egg hunt where if you find an egg, you get a random item or gold (say 100-1000g) Just an idea wink Also, Would you by any chance be creating items based on James bond? I think that a lot of users would like the classic pistol he uses or the hair he has. You could but ms. pennymoney as a companion.. Just a thought c;

Yep, Easter event is in the works and there will be eggs involved.
This is going to sound really wacko but might the Nyx.Gino plot be tangled up in it too? I mean, thanks to the radio announcement if Gino shows up it'll appear he's risen from the dead, like Jesus...

We don't plan on incorporating the current manga storyline into the event, it will be its own separate story.

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