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Gen and Evan
Gen and Evan
Topic point from last week's discussion on where capital earned from projects go

Many users are not aware that the money they pump into games like zOMG actually gets pooled into a common fund used to support other projects. Users think they are working to help save a part of the site that has been cast aside or a part of the site they really enjoy but instead, the money is moved to projects old and new.
When talked about last week, devs and admins made it sound like users should already know this info and while many staff members do not know where all of the money goes (as apparently there are secret projects and each staff member gets a Nerf gun bought for them) it would not be unreasonable to have a generalized summary of where funds are being allotted.

Users should know what their money goes to. They need to know that it's not going directly to the programs and site features they might think.

Also another big issue that never seems to get let go of - why still charge GC for zOMG boosts when zOMG isn't really supported by this pool of resources as work on the game has been halted
This is an example of a question they don't like answering >.<

Actually, it's not. Frankly, I am really curious to know how some Gaians think companies work because it seems (and I could be wrong) like there is an assumption that specific funds spent in specific places are only for use in specific areas of the site. For example, people thinking that cash spent on zOMG! items in Nicolae's store will only go for zOMG! related work, enhancements, etc. Companies just don't work like that - people buy things and the company gets money. That money is then divided amongst all costs the company incurs. It's like getting your paycheck - you get the money from working, then you purchase things like food or clothes, pay rent, eat out and be entertained. All these things you do from the same pool of cash. Make sense?

As for the zOMG boosts, can they not still be used in zOMG! to help people enhance the experience they have in-game? Is this not the point of the boosts? Anyway, they are game enhancements that give bonuses to players that buy them and it is why they are still for sale.

Hope this answers your questions!