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What your perfect Alice in Wonderland?

Lewis Carroll's Alice 0.325 32.5% [ 221 ]
McGee's Alice 0.30147058823529 30.1% [ 205 ]
Tim Burton Alice 0.31617647058824 31.6% [ 215 ]
none :- 0.057352941176471 5.7% [ 39 ]
Total Votes:[ 680 ]
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Magical Shapeshifter

I love McGee's Alice.

The original Lewis Carroll version was alright. It's a nice children's story.
I really disliked Tim Burton's version. The only good thing for me was Alan Rickman as the caterpillar
I prefer Carroll's original version.
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I love them all for their uniqueness!
... Is this actually a question that needs to be asked? The answer isn't obvious?
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Tim Burtons Alice : Hate with every passion in my body. HATE

McGee Alice: She's pretty cool

Original: LOVE LOVE, Nothing compares to the original experience from the wonderful Lewis Carroll


Disney Alice: I adore her, she is nothing like the original book but, the art and whimsical feeling Disney brings to the world and, character is almost perfect compared to the original.
Requiem ex Inferni's avatar

Eloquent Streaker

The only good adaptations of the book have been the Disney animated movie and American McGee's version. Every single other adaptation I've seen has ranged from mediocre to absolute s**t. The worst offender by far is Jack Sparrow Cosplaying as the Mad Hatter in Wonderland, which is what Burton's film should have been called considering how Alice, the TITULAR CHARACTER OF THE MOVIE got sidelined almost entirely to make room for a minor character from the books simply because Johnny Depp was (being terrible at) playing him.

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