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What your perfect Alice in Wonderland?

Lewis Carroll's Alice 0.32558139534884 32.6% [ 280 ]
McGee's Alice 0.29186046511628 29.2% [ 251 ]
Tim Burton Alice 0.32790697674419 32.8% [ 282 ]
none :- 0.054651162790698 5.5% [ 47 ]
Total Votes:[ 860 ]
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Which Alice has better action and beauty which Alice is your perfect Alice in Wonderland the original Alice or dark Alice or um Tim's Alice What have you got to say?
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Feral Phantom

The edgy adult updates are cool and all, but IMHO nothing matches the Alice in the original books.
All the Alice's are cool but I like McGee's Alice the best. Wonderland is a dark world and I want a little violence in a dark world. Tim Burton's Alice had beautiful pictures but it wasn't...I suppose, crazy enough? Though the original Alice in Wonderland will always hold a special place in my heart.
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Rainbow Lover

Let's face it.

Original books are way better than any movie adaptation they will ever make.


I hate that people watch the movies or play the games and think they know everything about Alice in Wonderland.


Though in terms of adaption I will make room for American McGee's Alice.

I felt that the game was most true to the original story's darker elements and while it didn't entirely "stick to the books" it (the first game anyway) was a pretty damn good series based on the novels.

So yeah, basically my opinion is everything besides the books suck, except for American McGee's Alice. Possibly the old cartoon Disney movie. But other than that...no.
Lewis Carroll's Alice. How can you even compete with the original? It's such a wonderful, whimsical book, especially with the original illustrations.
I love Tim Burton's characters, the design of the world of underland. But Mcgee's idea is so unique and I love a good horror spin on a kid's classic. There needs to be more of those. xp
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Lonely Phantom

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"I can't help but love the original."
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Has anyone ever seen the manga "Are you Alice" ? This one's Alice is a boy instead of a girl !
The original will always be the best.
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Interesting Gawker

First off, I tip my hat to Lewis Carrol for without him we wouldn't have been able to experience any version of Alice in Wonderland. Though with that said I will confess that I am in love with McGee's version of Alice. Both games were amazing when they introduced the new twisted versions of characters but still managed to keep them in character (least that's how I feel). McGee's Alice is very dark and disturbed, but that's just part of her charm and why I like her so much.
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Magic Bunny

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tim burtons but also the video game mcgee's alice is cool i guess i love all of them really because im almost always stuck in wonderland emotion_yatta
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The Alice in the original cannot be beaten, however the world in Tim burtons is just amazing so a mix between them both I think smile !
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I love the original books but I also love the American Mcgee games.
I think all of them are so unique. It is difficult to describe, but I don't think either of the movies really portray how rude little Alice is in the book. She talks about her cat catching mice, in front of a mouse who is afraid of cats, and then continues to talk about how good her cat is at catching all the animals that sit before her. On top of that she is very opinionated. I have to say I like Tim Burton's movie because we get to know the characters a bit deeper, but it does lack madness.
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Original Alice

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