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What your perfect Alice in Wonderland?

Lewis Carroll's Alice 0.32558139534884 32.6% [ 280 ]
McGee's Alice 0.29186046511628 29.2% [ 251 ]
Tim Burton Alice 0.32790697674419 32.8% [ 282 ]
none :- 0.054651162790698 5.5% [ 47 ]
Total Votes:[ 860 ]
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I have to go with the original because hey, it's the original, you can never go wrong with that. Both books are very nostalgic and are still one of my favourite series.

I love the games too. I think it's very good adaption.

Can't say the same thing about the Tim Burton movie though. I thought it was horrible, as a movie and as an adaption. I really can't see why an Alice fan, or anyone for that matter, would like it
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I have no idea how McGee's Alice is, though it looks really fascinating.

So judging between the other two, I have to go Lewis Carroll. I was so disappointed with Tim Burton's Alice it's not even funny. I was imagining this dark wonderland with a Nightmare before christmas feel, and then I got some ongoing movie of crap that hardly even made sense. Not to mention that I practically hated all the characters costumes, especially the queen's.
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I've always preferred the original, Lewis Carroll's version, as well as the 1999 TV movie version. *oh my childhood*
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Sadly I have never read Lewis Carrol's version so I can't say anything about that.
However out of the Alice's I've seen I'd say I like American McGee's version.
Note there are more Alice's that you can include.
The SyFy channel movie "Alice" Alice
Warehouse 13's(Also SyFy Channel) Psycho Alice
Disney's Alice.
And there was a really weird one where they kept flipping Alice from person to puppet... Didn't watch much of that. I can't remember the name of that one... It was forgetable to me the way that disturbing things are.
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I will forever love the original Alice in Wonderland.
To be quite honest I am not much of a fan for McGee's Alice, it brings a sense of darkness to Wonderland that originally was not meant to be there. Of course Wonderland is chaotic, crazy, and a bit dark but I think that McGee goes overboard. Wonderland was always a world of color and bewilderment. The original and even the Tim Burton version have a childlike quality that I believe McGee's lacks.
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Omg the original Alice of course ! Why ? because that's what it was meant to be, what it should remain, that's the one that had more feelings and beauty to it because it came from the mind of a man who was a heavy drug addict in a time where drugs were an heavier taboo then what they are now, a ***** to top it all off, it's what Alice is, and always will be no matter how many versions they make
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I would have to say that Tim Burton had to be my favorite rendition. I've personally never seen McGee and the original is special to me.
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Having read the books, seen all the movies, and played the games, I would have to say I like McGee's Alice the best.
That Alice just looks nicer. The original is phraggin 6 (I don't like children), and the Burton movie version is just ugly. The disney version is OK, but not as nice as McGee's version.
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lewis carrol
Lewis Carroll's (1951) and Tim Burton's version, are both amazing x) i own Tim Burton's version on dvd, and i have Lewis Carroll's on right now!! i recorded it on tv. 3nodding
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I like Tim Burton's because the Wonderland looked magical i guess?
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So yeah, basically my opinion is everything besides the books suck, except for American McGee's Alice. Possibly the old cartoon Disney movie. But other than that...no.


I disagree on the Disney front. I don't know if they were the first to do this, but from what I have seen, it was the first wave of...

Alice in Wonderland = Crazy Crazy all the time! Upside Downey hurp hurp hurp!
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Um, the original. Hands down.
Fell in love with it the moment I laid eyes on it. Don't even know how I got the book, now that I think about it. Feels like it has always been a part of me.

I'll admit, Tim Burton's movie was a bit of a disappointment. I think it was accuracy that hurt the most, but I did love the film for its soundtrack (which I own), some of the acting, the story, and the beautiful scenery.

As for McGee's Alice? Well, I don't mind it, but I'm not sure how I'd fare with it. I've watched the cut-scenes, and it's an interesting take - but it definitely isn't for me. However, I likely would buy the game if I found it at thrift for only a couple of bucks. (Even if I must hide it from my mother, who prefers I don't play those games.)
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Can I like them all?

McGee's Alice in amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed the games and the dark psychology (I appreciate anything with psychology).

But I also liked the movie. While it wasn't psychological or anything deep, I still enjoyed the film (particularly Johnny Depp, but let's not go there o3o).
I personally loved American McGee's adaptation to the whole thing. My favorite would have to be the original though, since that's where it all started. I didn't really enjoy Burton's little movie. I don't know, I don't feel that it did much justice to the story. I've been super obsessed with Alice in Wonderland since I knew about it when I was younger. xD

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