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What your perfect Alice in Wonderland?

Lewis Carroll's Alice 0.32558139534884 32.6% [ 280 ]
McGee's Alice 0.29186046511628 29.2% [ 251 ]
Tim Burton Alice 0.32790697674419 32.8% [ 282 ]
none :- 0.054651162790698 5.5% [ 47 ]
Total Votes:[ 860 ]
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Really, they all have their own charm.
But I do love the original the most c:
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I always liked the Disney Version. The book itself is the best of course.
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I love them ALL heart I'm a huge Alice fan but if I had to pick my favorite creation based off of Lewis' original Alice, I'd have to go with Alice Liddell in American McGee's Alice and Alice Madness Returns. His creation is very original and Alice Madness Returns is my all time favorite game. I'm also very in love with Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland as well. So in my eyes, all of them are WONDERful 3nodding Also, for anyone who hasn't seen the SyFy mini series "Alice" , check it out! One of my favorites as well! heart
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I'm stuck between the novels and McGee's Alice, they are both amazing. Tim Burton's was okay but I don't think it really showed the perception very well. McGee's Alice just has that demented, dark psychological thing that I absolutely love involved with Alice.
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McGee's and The originals by Lewis carrol are my two favorites. Tim Burton kinda butchered The Alice movie which should have been titled something more alongthe lines of "through the looking glass" to me.

Kinda the only move from Burton I dont like much.
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I like the darker more sinester version of this through american mcgees alice best
Which Alice has better action and beauty which Alice is your perfect Alice in Wonderland the original Alice or dark Alice or um Tim's Alice What have you got to say?

After watching the original from 1915(I think) last night I preferred that one. The Cheshire cat was huge though. I really enjoyed the black and white version best.
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Let's face it.

Original books are way better than any movie adaptation they will ever make.


I hate that people watch the movies or play the games and think they know everything about Alice in Wonderland.


Though in terms of adaption I will make room for American McGee's Alice.

I felt that the game was most true to the original story's darker elements and while it didn't entirely "stick to the books" it (the first game anyway) was a pretty damn good series based on the novels.

So yeah, basically my opinion is everything besides the books suck, except for American McGee's Alice. Possibly the old cartoon Disney movie. But other than that...no.

This, so much this. I keep on trying new versions in the hope to find something as good as McGee's take on it, because I feel Alice in Wonderland is a work that lends itself to multiple interpretations, but most of them just take the surface characteristics, stick them on some generic story and expect that to make it a "Wonderland" story. It doesn't. The old Disney cartoon is a pretty literal adaptation and it's fun for what it is, but in the end the original books will always win out over any derivative of them.
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Ahahah, wow, someone who agree with me! =o


When I saw the Burton movie was coming out I had high hopes.

But once I saw what they did to the Hatter...as well as casting Johnny I'mInEverythingTimBurton Depp, I was really out.

And then of course, when the theaters flock with screaming fangirls who watch the movie and then claim that they now know EVERYTHING about Alice in Wonderland...No. Just no...

It saddens me really, to think that people would prefer pop culture junk food over something that is a stimulation of the mind. The books are very enjoyable, bizarre, dark. It's rather impossible to convey that all on the screen...But I think American McGee got damn close.

Anyway. =x=
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Nothing beats the classics. I was super disappointed with Tim Burton's version of it all. It was... silly. Not the good kind.
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i actually adore all three.
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McGee's Alice...however, the Looking Glass Wars' version of Alice is amazing as well.
Tim Burton hands down.
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Carroll's, obviously. McGee's is this contrite, grimdark bullshit and Burton tried to make everything edgy when instead he just ******** things up.
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Lewis Carroll will always be my favorite author and like others here I prefer the books over the movies(especially Tim Burton's Alice) and the games. However, McGee did such an amazing job with both Alice games asides from the repetitive level game play in the second one, I still loved them both. But like I said I will choose the books over anything any day.

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