Welcome! I'm Zzyli, or you may call me Zzy for short. It's kind of like the first part of Xylophone.

      Off Gaia, I'm an avid reader, and I also enjoy baking, origami, and sewing. I'm a big fan of anime, mostly comedy and slice-of-life series, but I'll give a lot of things a go. I'm also currently building on my knowledge of Japanese to the point where I've started reading some simple manga (at less than 1/10th of my English reading speed, but I have to start somewhere).

      I became a Forum Assistant in June 2015, and I've been a Site Moderator since December 2017. As a Site Moderator, I take care of terms of service violations and user reports in forums and other site areas like Gaia's flash spaces. Please don't leave messages on my profile about mod things, and instead send me a PM (but by all means say hi! Friendly chat is welcome but PMing me about official stuff means I know I can keep track of it). If you need to PM an online moderator for some reason, you can look for one by using the 'View Forum Moderators' link at the top of any forum page.

      Aside from mod things, on Gaia I'm interested in Alchemy, ZOMG, Fishing, and profile design. There's always something interesting to do here! I'm quite happy to be asked any CSS/profile coding questions, though you may get a more speedy response by posting in the Profile Discussion where other users can help you.

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