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I'm editing my profile at the moment, please pardon the dust.

I'm called Zzyli, it rhymes with chai tea. Off Gaia, I like reading, baking, sewing, and other hand crafts. I use a bicycle as my main form of transportation and I quite like cycling as commuting. On Gaia, I like customising profiles, fishing, and Alchemy.

I'm a volunteer Omni Moderator on Gaia and I take care of hacking, scamming, and other situations involving account integrity. I have the Admin Lead title to assist with certain special projects. If you have any moderation questions, please send me a PM to ensure that I can best assist you. However, feel free leave a comment if you'd just like to say hello.


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Nezumimousey Report | 07/07/2024 5:15 pm

Thank you. I’m very proud of it. It fits my online
persona—cute and bubbly—which is how I want
to be perceived. IRL, I’m a lot less cute and bubbly.
I mean, I have my moments, but I mostly have a
weird outlook on things and a random personality.

V Report | 03/24/2024 1:10 pm
HalIucination Report | 03/23/2024 7:30 am
Just wanted to say I love your avi! It is soooo beautiful!!! heart emotion_kirakira
V Report | 02/02/2024 3:57 pm
darth acheron Report | 01/19/2024 2:12 pm
darth acheron
Congrats on becoming an Omni. I remember when we were both FA’s lol
Coco Report | 09/06/2023 8:10 am
Sometimes I forget where you are in the world, but I guess the question could still stand since the weather could be too cold as opposed to too hot. xp

Nice! I probably haven't had a bike in even longer than that. Probably more like 20 years now. sweatdrop

Same here - it's exercise but I'd much rather be on an actual bike, moving and sight-seeing. I'm about to make my last car note payment, maybe I'll get a bike too after that! blaugh
Coco Report | 09/05/2023 9:01 am
Oh nice, what color did you get? I just looked it up and they look like really good quality bikes. I haven't had a bicycle in years and the most cycling I do now is at the gym sadly. sweatdrop

I hope the weather has been kind to you during your travels! The heat here has been brutal. crying

Congrats on your new bike, enjoy it! heart
Coco Report | 09/04/2023 5:10 pm
what kind of bike did you get? whee
moonstarnin Report | 07/06/2023 6:27 pm
Thank you thank you! whee
moonstarnin Report | 07/06/2023 6:08 pm
Thank you! surprised
I drew it!

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