About Me
It has been ages since I have appropriately updated this profile and it shows.

I'm an old Gaian who joined back in 2003 December to frolic about on the RP forums. I'm now in my late twenties and have been involved with role plays, bump shops, and most recently GCD update threads. I found myself lost in the community when inflation started hitting really bad but since then I've made an effort to talk to more people and get involved again in the forums instead of just working the MP and vending. I occasionally grind in LK as well.

I'm really into messing with colour combos. Orange and Mourning, Sunshine and Mourning, Sunshine and Wintermint to name a few.

My favourite time of year is Halloween followed by all of winter (yay snow!).


Art stored below the spoiler.

Pixel Art Collection (Toy Box)
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Art Received
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