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Hello mortals,

My name is:
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I am 26 (as of May 3rd)
Moved into my first home April 3rd 2018
Two little pink lines on January 2022 heart (love my baby boy)
I play lots of video games
I love anime

Thank you to all of my loyal friends who have stuck by me through the years, and also to my newer companions heart I appreciate you!

Are you visiting my profile? Welcome!

I frequent:
PSN - Sudden_Serenity

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Thank you for being a friend


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Iettus Report | 09/29/2022 10:40 am
hey i didnt see it before but i just now read your testimony in my thread in one of the bible guilds & it was really nice to see
thank you for sharing & god bless you always
we're close in age & both married with kids so i thought it'd be nice to just pop over & say hello, so hello!
Lutiana Report | 05/22/2022 4:38 pm
aww thank you!, good to know you are well and take care always
Usagi Ui Asuna Report | 05/03/2022 12:07 am
Usagi Ui Asuna
Happy birthday
honeyblxssom Report | 08/07/2021 9:57 am
Please don't thank me you should thank your self about understanding and learning these things that are common. Even when you say the truth with words. I would love to be your friend and reach my words to you, I'll be waiting for your response as always 3nodding
honeyblxssom Report | 08/06/2021 5:25 pm
Even if we're not close but we can try to get along. It's alright if you're okay being an acquaintance and understandable. Due to your experience with trusting. I'm okay with that I'll respect your decisions and your words. If you need time to yourself I'll be waiting for your response (◍•ᴗ•◍).
honeyblxssom Report | 08/04/2021 10:44 am
Awe your welcome thanks for talking to me about this it helps me giving advice to well you I never gave anyone else advice if they don't need help. But I'm glad that I helped you, please talk to me anytime if your not okay or if you're okay I'm available to talk to(・∀・)
honeyblxssom Report | 08/04/2021 12:54 am
Simple friend ships aren't deep as best friends or you can say the connection between you and that person. That's good that you understand what gaslighting it takes time to understand people words before and think what's real or fake but they may trick you still so be aware of that and observe them carefully. I see I apologize if it's hard for you not to conveying them. I'm glad that you're telling me the truth and being honest with your words I can tell that you're a warm hearted woman. Ps I'm being honest with my words to you.
honeyblxssom Report | 08/03/2021 11:12 am
No no it's understandable patience is good if the person needs a time to there self and think. You have a soft heart and they tend to trust people easy and get hurt in the end. I respect that you have a good heart and soul, I bet others like you for that well maybe the trustworthy ones. gaslighting is the thing that people can't read with that persons words and it's painful how they tricked or hurt you badly it's hard to tell if there telling the truth or lying with there words. It's okay to think about the good things in the past instead of the bad ones and yes it's better to let go. Well did you hurt to them or did they hurt you? Should they be the one to forgive or forget?
honeyblxssom Report | 07/21/2021 10:33 am
You know how long friendship is. It may last still but can break, they will sometimes lose interest in you and seek other people and ditch you. It's normal when that happens I'm sorry if it hurts you don't blame your self nor them blame it's how long friendship is in real life. You should not go back to the past it will hurt you more but you have to move on so your life can continue. Trusting others can be scary but that's an experience in life. I hope you understand that you're important to care about your own life instead of others. I'm glad that you're talking to me about this I'm good at giving advices like this
Mori Cry Report | 07/20/2021 12:40 pm
Mori Cry
Thank you for buying! xd
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