this message is to offer closure to anyone i connected with and befriended.
the community on this site is too toxic, there's no benefit to logging in any longer, there comes a point in time where the creativity bloomed from making avatars is no longer enough.
i'm tired of degenerate bullshit, i don't want to have to look at depravity any longer.
i have only met a handful of genuine people on this site and ive been here since 2007.
i'm tired of watering myself down in order to be deemed socially acceptable by people who would wish me dead for stating a viewpoint.

to michael & anahi
i love you guys so much but we are drifting, theres nothing you guys could have done differently, you were amazing friends to me and my family, but i have found that over time that i'm just not ok with small talk any longer. i can't have real discussions with you guys because of our very differing world views. none of us are drawing any longer, none of us use the same sites, we don't have the same interests, we dont have the same movie interests, we don't have the same world views, we dont even have faith in the same things. small talk has been fine for a while, but it's not any more. i'm growing more and more spiritually and mentally every day and i hate watering that part of myself down in order to avoid conflict. i dont like that when there are issues, you guys do not come to me about it and instead talk with eachother. ive tried to make myself as approachable and understanding as possible, but it is something that bothers me, not finding out until weeks later that ive done something wrong, or that there was a misunderstanding, and that you both have been sitting on it for so long without saying anything. whenever you guys have tried to come to me with the same kind of things, i always tell you guys that you need to talk with eachother to get through, it just sucks that i don't get the same consideration.
i hope you both live good lives. i hope you can find that place where you can finally say you are happy and start to heal all your past traumas, for me, ive been there for a while, and in order to keep moving forward i need to step away from the things that try to pull me back. it's not you guys, it's the only interest we share: websites like gaia and everskies. i hate these places with a passion. i hate the people here and on there, also im pretty sure parrot is a ***** so good luck with that headache when it inevitably comes out in 4 years time. i just know that you guys arent on that same plane of thinking right now, you guys still hold attachments to things i cannot force myself to care about any longer, and i just...i can't do small talk anymore. i want real discussion, i want to live my life true to myself and ot my values and we don't really share any of the same ones.
dont send any copies of our items to me, i wont be coming back.

i love you, but you are still immature in that same sense. you know what is right but pretend that you don't. closing your eyes to the truth does not make it any less true, and when you're done playing pretend i know good things will come your way. truth is the only way and it will not water itself down to make itself more tolerable, i can't play with these kids anymore. i dont want to pretend i fit in with them anymore. it eats away at me morally. turning a blind eye is just as bad imo. so here i am, finally drawing the line. i hope in time you find the strength to do that same, you're wasting your youth on these people when you could be seeking real connections. you are so intelligent and empathetic but these people you call friends are going to drain you for all you have then turn on you in a second when they find out how you really are. i just hope that you find the strength to save yourself the heartache, ive seen your latest account and it made me really sad tbh. i just can't do this anymore, it's a never ending struggle.