Emi Abyss Sudden

i'm 27 meh..

I'm usually to myself so you might have to take effort to approach me and i'll chat
I use to hang around towns 1 fam and towns 2. I have an addiction with hoarding items and have about 21k shhh its not that bad in person jesus. Music is love and I listen to the classics such as the 80's- 90's plus some of today's cause why not? I'm somewhat of an artist but don't ask for freebies cause I can't draw ppl yet unless you want like a dead blob. feel free to ask me anything and i'll be blunt with you and won't bite ........hard lel. .

Dis person behind the avi
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The love of my life <3
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My twitch

Likes:Anime,penguins, horror
disikes: dumbass's etc..