Name: Shade S. Nightz.
Birthday: September 9th, 1992.
Hair: White/Black.
Eyes: Orange/Silver.
Werewolf Eyes: Yellow/Blue.
Race: Werewolf(African American).
Height: 5'9.
Werewolf Height: 9ft.
Abilities: Werewolf Transformation: Increased strength, defense, movement, and senses.
Isolated Transformation.
Saliva has healing properties.
Massively Increased resistance to Cold.
Materialization, Manipulation/Control of Water and Ice.
Morphing, Manipulation/Control of Darkness and Space/Gravity.
Transverse through Darkness itself.
Three Stages of Aura. (Learned from a rather civil Dragon.)

Details on the Little Pup:
Name: Ciel.
Abilities: Direwolf Transformation.
Massively Increased resistance to Cold.
Frost Breath. Generate mist/fog from Fur.
Tangible Clones of Shadow. Transverse through Darkness itself.

(Story details you'd have to Private Message me about.)
(Character is kind of fantasy me, I guess. Probably the only character I'll have aside from whatever alternate universe stuff I'd come up with if it was tied some sort of specifics: i.e. I maybe a Knight in some worlds.)



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