⊰Basic Character Information:
I used to be ll_Archangel_ll

[»]True Name: Zuberyli Arkhalis
[»]Nicknames: Zuzu, Zu, Arch, Ark, Kid,Boxfox
[»]Affiliation: None
[»]Occupation: Hunter, Constellationi Astromancer


[»]Appeared Age: 20s
[»]Actual Age: 19
[»]Date of Birth: February 29th
[»]Gender: Male
[»]Sexuality: Heterosexual
[»]Zodiac: Borealis
[»]Race: Kitsune/Fyrfalken/Celestial Being
[»]Height: 5'9
[»]Weight: 190 lbs
[»]Build: Athletic
[»]Skin Color: Light Brown
[»]Blood Type: O
[»]Natural Eye Color: Orange
[»]Natural Hair Color: Bleached Blonde
[»]Current Hair Color: White
[»]Hair Length: Very Long
[»]Hair Style: Slight Wave
[»]Defining Facial Features: Scar blinding his left eye and across nose.
[»]Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous


[→]Major Personality Traits:
[»] Judgmental
[»] Loyal
[»] Inventive

[→] Likes:
[»] Sweets
[»] Games
[»] Knick-Nacks
[»] Money

[→] Dislikes:
[»] Necrophages
[»] Hellspawn
[»] Ogroids

[»]Bad Habits: Tends to yell occasionally.
[»]Good Habits: Makes sure he has everything he needs
[»]Best Memory:Buying his first set of sleeves
[»]Worst Memory: Loosing his mother

⊰Offensive/Defensive Traits:

[→]Passive Abilities:

[»] Spirit Manifestation: With Zuberyls deep connection with the sky and stars intertwined above, his spirit transcended to a new state of being allow him to tap into the spiritual domain, granting him a few perks to aid him on his journey.

[»] Kitsune Reflexes: With Kitsune blood coursing through his veins, his muscles and senses are greater than an average humans giving him the slightest edge in a battle.

[»] Stargazing: Underneath the night sky Zuberyl's cosmic powers are multiplied the more stars that can be seen within the sky.

[»]Active/Offensive Abilities

[»] Cosmofell: Zuberyl concentrates the energy within his soul to twist and contort the very fabrics of space and time around his opponents and within statis fields that he can cast. Allowing him to slow down or completely halt the flow of time within small pockets of space time and occasionally reverse time altogether. Cosmofell also allows Zuberyl to affect the gravity of himself, objects or specific areas. His mastery within this criteria with the Arcane arts also allows him to disperse and project beams, waves, and blasts of concentrated energy. If the situation becomes dire, Zuberyl's ability within this criteria of magic will truly be shown, also lightning.


[»] Knecht Kriegsmesser [Pillar of Heaven] a curved two handed german made blade of folded adamantium.

[»] Long Tachi [Foundation of Purgatory] a medium length katana made of folded adamantium.

[»] Whatever is in his sleeves

[→]Character Theme
[»]Zuberyl: Main theme
[»]Zuberyl: Galaxy Rising
[»][https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Umrwlfcb2Ro]Zuberyl: Cosmic Lightning!
[»]Zuberyl: Till the bitter end


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