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Alsaeida Ao Report | 11/28/2022 11:18 am
 Alsaeida Ao
(୨୧•͈ᴗ•͈)◞ᵗʱᵃᵑᵏઽ for friendly stalking my profile (*^o^)人(^o^*)
Alsaeida Ao Report | 10/04/2021 8:15 pm
 Alsaeida Ao
Yea it is
Mithmel Report | 10/04/2021 3:10 pm
I'm fine.
I will update my profile now.
Mithmel Report | 10/04/2021 2:56 pm
Alsaeida Ao Report | 10/04/2021 12:31 pm
 Alsaeida Ao
NM just watching silly videos on YouTube
How about you
Alsaeida Ao Report | 10/03/2021 6:58 pm
 Alsaeida Ao
Same here 🤗
Alsaeida Ao Report | 10/03/2021 6:53 pm
 Alsaeida Ao
You have visit either of my accounts this is my backup account so yea
Nocturnabelle Report | 11/06/2013 4:10 pm
Heyyyyyyyyyy there. Long time no see :3
II STICK3RZ II Report | 08/05/2013 2:40 pm
Hi. I miss you. <3 Can I give you a shot in the butt? (x
Konosuke Mori Report | 07/22/2013 8:46 pm
Konosuke Mori
hahah, hey there

XxAngel Of SerenityxX's avatar

Gender: Male

Birthday: 09/29


After so long, an update on my about me section. Hello there you curious person reading my about me. My name is Brandon, but a few of my rad nicknames are Kitty (by close friends) and Serene (mostly gaming these days). I am currently in college to become....A PROGRAMMER! So exciteballs. I love exploring new technology, especially in the realm of virtual reality. Yes, I have seen Sword Art Online, but no I don't want a harem! Actually, I want to see how far VR technology can take us, and get joy out of finding a digital escape from our world into another.

That said, I am a bit of an escapist from society and I keep to myself a lot, but I love being chatty these days. In recent years I have opened up to people more than I used to. ^^' To be fair, this is probably the most serious About Me I have ever written about myself on any website ever. Be proud, you get to witness my masterpiece!

The world has became a much smaller place in the past few years since I started travelling abroad and having new experiences with cultures unlike my own. The adventurous side of me craves it to some extent.

I'm sure there is pretty generic stuff I am missing, like the typical I am a nice guy who likes long walks on the beach and vodka....and I prefer to be honest. I write poetry, but way less often than I used to. Things that don't change over time, the fact that only I understand my poetry. sweatdrop

Feel free to private message me if you're interested, and if not...well then...get interested? whee