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lily702 Report | 01/16/2020 12:36 pm
Okay I will thank you
x3Nekox3 Report | 12/20/2019 12:17 pm
Good and you?
x3Nekox3 Report | 12/20/2019 11:37 am
Haaaaaiii emotion_kirakira
x3Nekox3 Report | 12/16/2019 12:56 am
maikaymon Report | 12/17/2018 7:17 pm

Hahaha rofl
maikaymon Report | 12/10/2018 11:52 pm
Hi Sirennnn :'DDD
It said you tipped my post, but Gaia is being dumb and it won't tell me which post you tipped LOL
Hope you have been doing well! <3
maikaymon Report | 08/13/2018 1:54 pm
Hahahahaha emotion_awesome

Guess what Siren, I've been putting your birthday package together -- I forgot whether or not I told you that in the letters, haha.
I know it's still sorta early, but if you think of something you want for your birthday this year, let me know! c:
I'll continue asking that question until your birthday comes LOL x'DD
maikaymon Report | 08/03/2018 9:47 pm
heyyy Siren! you're on Gaia xDD
x3Nekox3 Report | 06/05/2018 1:50 am
siiiiiren!!! hru
maikaymon Report | 05/29/2018 10:48 pm

'fashionably' late, yah say, eh? xDD

man Siren, you're really good at being fashionably late, lmao xDD

god I can't stop laughin' hahaha

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Lynn's Mind

This journal is for those whose minds wonder about the strange complex things in life. I have given my thoughts and philosophy on what I think in life. On some entries, I will have some personal stuff. ._.; So yeah.


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To My Moonlight

To the Love of my Life.

Once called "the girl with the dark brown eyes,"
I became a soul, who nonetheless could always sympathize; and as a boy he once told me "I love you so much, and no matter what you say, no one will love you more than I love you, no one will ever say it and mean it as much as I do, my soul, my internal being, every fiber, atom, every single part of me loves you." But he lied. And he moved on, and I tried.

But this isn't about him; this is about you. Because I was broken and you found me too. It never took word, it only took action, and five years plus down the line, we've been together with little distraction for a love unfurling, forever burning. And I cannot believe we could match so clearly.
You are my everything, my future, my freedom.
The King, the heir, the key to our kingdom.

And in the way you look at me and in the way you hold me and in the way you speak to me and in the way you adore me. I wondered who would exclaim to the world how much they really loved me, but instead you -made me- your world, and instead, you showed me
in every kiss
and every gaze
and every sacrifice
that you've ever made.
You showed me.

Across lands, across stars, and wherever we are. You showed me. Without words...
you showed me.

You fixed my broken heart. You fixed my broken mind. Mended my shattered spirit. Uplifted my mangled halo. You gave light to the eyes of a fallen angel.

I am your Fate, and you are my Death. Chained by the rings on our fingers.
Entwined by the hearts of our souls.

'Til the end of time.

I will always love you.