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my kiddos (ocs)

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Anj by movikkv

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Emily by shadow summoner ally

User Image
Rin by iMisaoMakimachi

User Image
Lisette by dengekii

User Image
Mona by HiBillie

User Image
Jun by w h i t e m i l k k

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Haku by Steffi_xoxo

User Image
Kenyah by pcridots

Hello ' v ')/ ~

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By Beru Mafun

Hi there!
My name is Mai (pronounced as the month of May).

I'm bad with introductions >// v //<
People tend to learn who I am as they talk to me.

There's some relaxing piano music at the very bottom emotion_bigheart
And my wishlist isn't updated, hahaha ^ ^ )'

Current Quest:
I'm looking for platonic couple art of an older brother with his younger sister. I'm also looking for art my OCs. Please drop-in and visit my art request thread!
Mai's Art Request <3

Art ' v ')/

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By Hakui Kitsune

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By 1Tsuki

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By Esdaz

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By auntiemagic

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By Lily Spiral

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By Gelowaggle

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By maikaymon

In Love by July