gaia_crown About me: gaia_crown

yum_tea I go by Tabby, fun fact my full initials spell out TLC.
yum_puddi 33
emotion_bigheart Cosplayer
classified_northkittenstar Cat Mom
emotion_rainbow Photographer & Artist
gaia_star Fun fact, an old photo of me was featured in Joji's old Filthy Frank "Weaboo," videos. If you happen to check out those videos, look for the Yuki Cross cosplayer with the sort of cat-eye glasses with the terrible bowl cut hair cut somewhere around the 1-minute mark.

gaia_sakura I've been a member of Gaia since 2005. These days I mainly compete in the Avatar Arenas and Runway. I've been competing in the Avatar Arenas for many, many years now. Please check out my Avatar Arena Gallery here!
Please also check out my avatar thread here

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