Name: Vita de Morte (Just call him Vita)
Age: 2,319
Gender: Male
Race: Demon
Powers: He can fly and can fill hearts with fear by getting them to look in his eyes.
Weapons: He has claws, Then a long axe, and a short sword.
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2,000 years ago in a world covered with hate and fear. In a world covered like a blanket with sin, the God of Death choose to make a demon, a demon so powerful he would cleanse the world of sin and hatred.

So the God made the demon, he part oh his own soul into this demon and named him Vita de Morte, Life on Death, and he placed him in his own world until Vita mastered his abilities. This take long, Vita mastered fighting faster then a baby learns to breath. He learned so many languages old and new that sometimes he would mix them up and not even realize it.

Vita was ready to enter the mortal world and cleanse it. He came to Earth on a plain of grass were the grass danced with the wind and swayed freely without disturbance or a care. The tree’s giggled and the birds sang. But in the middle of this field was an army, one of the largest known.

Vita destroyed this army, and when he was done the field was painted red with blood. The trees didn’t giggle with the wind and the birds didn’t sing, all was silent or dead. Vita became known to the world.

~ - - - - - ~

But Earth found out faster then Vita or the God of Death had anticipated, and a great army that would be called Exército. Exército held warriors of every race and color, it held enemies and deer friends. It held warriors of the past brought back to life and new unknown warriors. Exército was made to end Vita.

When Vita learned of this army he quickly formed one of his own, he found followers who were skilled in the art of battle and offered them all great power, in essence Vita no longer was an innocent mercy killer, he was evil.

~ - - - - - - ~

When the armies met they met with one terrible battle, but alas Vita’s army was to small and they quickly faded away. And all was left was an army and Vita. Vita didn’t stand a chance, but he knew he would knock down as many as he could before they killed him.

But Exército also knew the loss would be to great if the went into melee battle with Vita, and that they might even lose the battle, so they made up a plan and managed to surround Vita without getting hurt, and they summoned their most powerful mages, warlocks, and necromancers. They formed a gate into a world of nothing that they called the otherworld and locked Vita up.

Earth had won a great victory that day, but it would not last. . .

~ - - - - - - - - ~

Now, when they locked up Vita they knew that he could be released and locked up by the same spell, so they knew they couldn’t just destroy the words to the spell or if he ever broke free it would be a while before the remember it. So they had one person write down the spell and they sent it to the safest place they could think of. Maketran, the city of casters.

2,000 years later a master warlock managed to get his hands on this spell, and thought he could control Vita thought he could use Vita to make him rule the world. So he muttered the words to the spell.

And the gate opened. . .

~ - - - ~

Vita woke up with a start, stretched and yawned, he had been asleep for a long time. But now something was pulling at him, he was being summoned.

Sighing he walked through the gate and found a warlock there waiting for him, “Bow to me Vita, you serve me now.”

Vita just laughed a cruel harsh laugh, “My deer friend you already made one crucial mistake, and that’s that I serve no human.” His eyes gave off his thoughts and desperately the warlock tried to lock him back up, but he was to week and Vita was getting his strength back fast.

“Don’t bother my friend,” Vita whispered as he beheaded the warlock.

Vita was free to roam the world, he would finish his task given to him by his God and he would do it differently now.

Thanks to my donators to my imposible quest.
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The Battles of Vita de Morte

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all your friends look so rich well most of them
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john yin yin

your3e utube moive is really cool!!!=P and srrz im just some random person that really likes nartuo...>.<
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Happy Halloween^^

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*lah glumps* hey vita

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Vita de Morte

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Vita de Morte

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Hey there, love. I'll comment you, 'cause I care.

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I do and I'm pretty sure I replied razz Nice vid.
Vita de Morte

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Vita de Morte

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good luck with your quest


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