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Last Login: 05/31/2015 5:42 pm

Registered: 01/18/2004

Gender: Female

Location: Within my own dwellings

I want all this...

Sweet Sacrifice By Evanescence

Call Me When Your Sober By Evanescence

Beast and the Harlot by a7x

Evil chit chat

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Dark Warrior of Sin Report | 08/11/2010 7:11 pm
Dark Warrior of Sin
sometimes i think of what the world would be like under my control and then i remember thats why people lock their doors .... damn well maybe one day ill f*ck the right girl and collect 200 dollars and get a get out of jail free card..... who f*cking knows but seriously dont look down ill be smiling at you while im sucking ur nips ne ways what im saying is keep going forward and watch out for the traps cuz they tend to take off your foot at the very least and that sh*t sucks. p.s. im gonna be a porn star one day if i make up my mind on it... find something you like and f*ck it in all the right ways gogogo glhf love ya sometimes >;D <3
Savoki Sanoci Report | 05/30/2010 10:16 am
Savoki Sanoci
Happy Birthday Skyy, if you are reading this I hope you have a wonderful day!
Rayne Destiny Report | 05/01/2010 2:53 pm
Rayne Destiny
James posted on mine, and I saw you on his profile, so I was like, "Hm, I wonder if she still gets on?" xD I see he was thinking the same as I was too!
Shad0w H3art Report | 04/30/2010 6:48 pm
Shad0w H3art
Boo..I almost forgot this place existed. I saw Christina updated her avatar on facebook and was like 0.o..Gaia..I haven't been there in forever.
DezLuiz Report | 01/23/2010 9:59 am
Sweet. So, How's life?
Tricky Shadowe Report | 12/22/2009 10:34 am
Tricky Shadowe
Hey you!

Long time no see. Have a happy holidays!~
Savoki Sanoci Report | 12/21/2009 7:42 pm
Savoki Sanoci
Happy Holidays Skyy!

I hope things are going well for ya.
DezLuiz Report | 11/01/2009 6:37 pm
It's been a long time since I dropped a big bomb of a comment on your profile. So I guess I should go ahead and do it now. We'll go ahead and start off with the usual, "How the hell have you been?", and the "I've missed the hell out of you." Then on to more pressing issues of myself before you write back and inform me of your current situation of well being. I've started a new job at Game Stop warehouse. It's only seasonal right now, which means I'll have a job until January, unless I do good enough to get hired on after the season is over. It's the easiest job I have ever had. All I do is mess with video games and ship them all day. Our break room has a PS3, Wii, and an X Box 360 set up in it.

The company picks a random game for a random system each month and has a contest with it. Whoever wins gets the game, a gift card, and Power Of The Player parking spot. I've kept myself generally happy. I've eliminated most of the drama that still plagued my life, so I'm pretty much care free. I'm still drinking Jager. Best alcohol in the world. I don't drink as often as I used to though, so I guess that's a good thing. I've been thinking about going to ITT Tech. I need some college in my life for a better paying job that involves less work on my part. XP

I've been roleplaying on Gaia a bit, but I still can't find anyone good enough to keep par with me. Even though my skills aren't that great. <.< I mostly stick to guild posting these days. Forums are overrun with too many wannabes and overachievers. At the moment I'm staring at the screen watching myself type and noticing I only have 491k. It makes me feel so poor. XP However, the items I have in my inventory are adding up quickly, so I'm close to getting my Devil Tail back. Only about 3 million short. I can't seem to think of anything else to really say about Gaia. Sooooo, how about that Obama? I know a bunch of hypocritical people. When he first got elected they were all like, "Oh yeah. He's going to do awesome things for this country." And without really giving him enough time to do anything they changed their words to "That mother f*cker isn't doing anything good. He's going to f*ck us all like Bush did." Pardon the cursing. <.<

Personally I don't care. I plan to become a citizen of Australia in the future so what happens to this country doesn't mean much to me. Oh. I finally got to play MGS4 a while back, but I was so addicted to it, I never got online. I almost had the best ranking on the game. Which is damn near impossible to get. Solid Snake is a beast. Especially for an old man. This might be a bit creepy, but I also noticed he has an amazingly firm buttocks for an extremely old man. o.o Wouldn't you think his butt would like erode away after years of scratching it? I mean... seriously... It's just not right. D:
little metal Report | 10/03/2009 8:55 pm
little metal
can u donate
Gotdamn Goblin Report | 09/04/2009 3:36 pm
Gotdamn Goblin
Nice avatar.

More boring stuff {Journal}

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Crimson_Nightmare's Journal

Just a little bit of me and my likes/dislikes...


"Enslavery is bonded by greed, lust, and the ideas that something more powerful than thee is in play. In other great words... I shall own you."

What about me?

RPCQ::{When you stare into the gaze of death, do you feel fear? Or do you feel lust? Is it's cold eyes make you shiver with desire or with that of the chill? Only those with such close relations will know the answer to such questions. If you don't. Then you have yet to meet Javelynn. For her exquisite beauty is designed of that to be a temptress and her eyes to be an haunting memory. For ever drop of blood spilled and ever life claimed by her blade, you grow one step closer to her gaze and thus facing death's finalle and nightmare. But pity, sympathy, love may all exist but to those of rare quality and none she has yet to meet.}

My name is Skyy but I am also known as Javelynn (Jave). I am 20(21 on may 30) and I have been a member of gaia since the first year of it's making when it was known as go-gaia. Then I carried the avatar named Demon Skyy, which has long since been deleted and replaced by my current avatar. My talents are a mixture of working with animals, art, music, writing and social interactions (I like to make people smile). On consideration of art and writing, On gaia you can find me in good roleplays and finding someway to redesign my avatar. But when it comes to music, although I love a mixture of bands, I am talking about my own music. Suprisingly I love classical music and playing the piano.

No Myspace. Ask me about my IMs.

Questions about me:

Are you gothic or emo?
I am neither. My style ranges according to my mood. My style is what people around here call "Fashion Rebel". I dress the way I want when I want.As far as personality goes... I can be very mean but most the time... I have a country girl attitude and can be quite charming so I've been told. But despite which... I look like I can bite... and believe me when I say I bite hard so whatch out.
What brought out your avatar?
My taste in stories. I like fanatical adventures that have dragons and magical beings. And I like the evil character's due to their discriptions in most stories. So therefore I commonly base my character and appearence of my avatar on an evil being of some sort, not that I am entirely evil.
Where do you live?
Closed discussion. I value my privacy and will not exchange this to anyone other than a selected few. The same goes for mailing addresses and phone numbers.
What do you look like?
Although other pictures can be shared... I do have one. Its not the best picture of me but I am unafraid of sharing the truth behind my avatar. See my journal for more, of course.
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Personal Discription and Favorites

Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Currently Platnum/Dirty Blonde with Brown/burgandy Streaks
Favorite Food:
Chinese :Gonk:
Favorite Color(s):
Red,Black and Green
May 30th
Favorite gem:
Important links:

The Mask

The mask I wear is there to hide the truth. Like all masks, you will find its power expandable from eye to eye. It makes you realize that no matter what you feel, the face behind the mask has more strength than those who wear them not. For those who do wear them, wear them because someone or something has taken the beauty from the turth. Although its not the physical beauty I speak of, it is one of great importance. For it is only they who know and understand everyone's pain and everyone's suffering brought to them from past to present. And that understanding has far more understanding than the mind of the wisest. For that is what truly makes the wisest wise. I am one who wears an ancient mask. And I am the one who will listen to what ever problems gifted you your mask.


Konah: Half human, half black tiger- an outcast
Skyy: Good souled but bad tempered.
Javelynn: Usually pure evil or neutral with close relation to evil and usually of demonic race.
Malum Iocus (Iocus): A jester with a wicked and vicious sense of humor.

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"Deep in the
void of darkness
is a smile of