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My RP Character:

Starris (Starylasa Eiffensul) was cast from the elves, despite how they cherished her mother's memory, and she fell broken and unloved. She wandered the world alone and hated by most, and she soon became cruel and spiteful herself. A man who dreamed of ruling the world and thus cleansing it of hate and coldness found her and saved her wasting form. He cared for her as no one, but her mother, had and he shared with her his dream, to unite all peoples under his rule. Starris fell in love with her Master, and served him well. It was decades later that her Master was thwarted by a 'band of do-gooders', and she saw him fall away from her into the pools of lava in the volcano in which the enemies had battled.

Starris would have dove in after her Master, her devotion was so strong, but her drow half-brother, Destlani O'dinale, who had been travelling with the party of those who killed her Master. She did not believe Destlan had done her a favour for a very long time, nor did she speak to him for an even longer expanse of time. But when she did, the two discovered what Destlan had suspected - that they were indeed siblings. Having found real family, Starris began to open up to Destlan more, and the two became mostly unseparable. They found themselves a third travelling companion, a golym by the name of Whysperling, and the three adventured together for twenty long years before they decided to go their separate ways.

Starris started an inn in the mountains, and Destlani, after years of drunken depression, eventually wounded up in ehr employ - where she could keep an eye on him, she insisted. Whysperling eventually made her way there as well. It was on Starris four hundredth birthday (the entire reason why Whysperling was ther eanyway) that Starris second love, Isiliador took her away, and brought out her Vovin form. He also gave her a pendant that would hlp her control the Vovin form, so she could hide her trueself from those who would have her 'beaten, tortured, imprisoned and left to die in a hole in the ground', as she would say.


The Real Me:
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Name: Syrazel-Rayne yl Tatsu
Age: 18
Race: human for now...soon to be Cyluvian ^^
Dreams: Ruling the World razz
Hates: the closed-minded, guns, rent spikes, being cold, open doors, tags above the collar, open ketchup bottles, pink, realy girlie things, lace, people stealing my poetry
Likes/Loves: PEPSI!, Wicca, anime/manga, DRAGONS, MOUNTAINS, WATERFALLS, SPRING, JAPAN, history, swords, unicorns, angels, faeries, tree frogs, dragonflies, DragonLance, MMORPGs, RolePlaying, writing, drawing/painting, biking, lip-syncing, having fun, elves and...ROMANCE!! heart 4laugh xd
Real Eye Colour: (because people have asked me if I wear contacts - NO!) they are blue and grey with green lines stare
Are these my real nails and lashes?: YES, damnit!!
What kind of diet am I on?: NONE! I eat all I want and don't gain a pound, I DON'T diet! stressed I have lots of energy and a very high matablism!!
Relationship Status: techically I'm married - but that doesn't stop me from flirting ^^ and roleplaying
Favourite Colours:blue, silver, black
Favourite Flower: Lilacs - they make me happy but relaxed, Lavender - they knock me out...just like coffee w/o enough sugar
Favourite Gemstones: blue sapphire, blood red garnet, ruby, emerald
Secrets I'm Willing to Share?: I'm Bisexual, Wiccan, and am a Bishoujo Senshi fan ^^ heart Haruka Ten'ou and Michiru Kai'ou!! heart


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Check Out My Greatest Journal At http://sylinc.greatestjournal.com/

And my IMVU is Starylasa addd me~ heart

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Deaths Rejoice

Report | 01/15/2007 5:16 pm

Deaths Rejoice

Ah ******** I forgot I already told I'm back (thus as to why you're on my friends list lmao!!!!!)

So anyhow, how yah been!
Deaths Rejoice

Report | 01/15/2007 5:12 pm

Deaths Rejoice

I once had a portugues name.

I once had a girl avatar

I once role played

No I'm back - in the flesh biggrin

Not an over powered demon anymore, now I'm god! Muwahahah! (just messing)

Comment back! (And guess who I am while you're at it.)

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nice profile
Tak-Umi Yuu

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Tak-Umi Yuu



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No worries. I'll continue again there soon. n_n
Tak-Umi Yuu

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Tak-Umi Yuu

Hello I am in your Tavern,might I say you have a wonderful place and a very nice avi as wel

well toodles

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I really have to drop in sometime. I've been neglecting everything these days. gonk T.T

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wow....ur avatar is really really purdy
xXRachie RaeXx

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xXRachie RaeXx

NICE @vi!


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'Ello Star. =o


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