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Hey I'm TrollDjinn/b] a troll djinn, want some wishes?


Art by Bowie-Spawan
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Art by 14mushrooms and Yukidemon
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Look genie art

This is all the art I've received will be placed here.



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Chixen Report | 02/14/2018 7:21 pm
Thank you for the gift, you really didn't need to get me anything in return! emotion_hug
Today has been alright, mostly just celebrating Vday on Gaia. The love fortune event is cute. How about you?
Chixen Report | 01/17/2018 6:51 pm
Aw that sucks, I hope it gets warmer for you soon!
And yeah, those seagulls are noisy (and messy) birds, ha. I enjoy watching them though.
Chixen Report | 01/12/2018 11:46 pm
I could never do that though, I'd be overly apologetic even before making a move. gonk
Yeah, in spring the adult herring move closer to the island to spawn I guess, and it's quite a large number of them. So it becomes a feeding frenzy for the creatures that eat them.
Gamaki Report | 01/11/2018 8:16 am
oh boy
glad to hear you made it... dealing with these nasty storms must be tough
I'm working as gardener again, but 50%
My goal is to go up to 70% or 80% eventually. But I gotta take it step by step.
I work one week now after vacations and I could already nap all day again lol
Chixen Report | 01/10/2018 8:33 pm
I think hitting people with oars would be a disqualification, ha. Plus while I'm swinging my oar to strike, they've already zoomed by on their speed-tub-boat, so this plan is set to fail. And yeah. there's usually always a few gulls hanging around. Herring season is the craziest though, so many more seagulls (and seals) then.
Chixen Report | 01/09/2018 7:33 pm
I've played on rafts like that, but it's not going to go far on the ocean, especially in a race. I would definitely need an engine. I guess the raccoons and deer might eat the potatoes, or people's dogs. Ah, seagulls too I suppose.
Chixen Report | 01/08/2018 8:59 pm
I don't really know much about creating or operating boats, so nope, haven't taken part in the bathtub races. Ha, yeah I'm not sure who started with the potatoes, but I'm sure the ones that don't end up in the water get picked up again. I did make some awesome beach forts when I was kid, with logs and large rocks etc.
Chixen Report | 01/07/2018 9:01 pm
Not often, I sometimes watch the Bathtub races or go to the VIEX if a performer I like is there. And lol no, the potatoes are fired on the beach, in the direction of a nearby smaller island. People build their own cannons out of plastic pipes and use hairspray for fuel. Actually I think I got it wrong, the potato firing is done on Canada day instead. I've never been interested enough to attend though. I've never entered any sandcastle competition either, but I've gone to check out people's creations.
Chixen Report | 01/07/2018 2:12 pm
Big celebrations unique to here? I don't know, we have lots of art and music festivals throughout the year, and we celebrate our little island once a year with activities like potato cannons. And in the summer there's usually sandcastle competitions, and the Bathtub Race (that gets a lot of attention). Plus Canada and BC Day of course. Oh, and the Vancouver Island Exhibition. I'm probably forgetting a bunch of things.
Chixen Report | 01/06/2018 9:14 pm
Yeah, probably more Quebec and Ontario. My mom told me that bagged milk was sold in BC when she was younger, but I guess it died out because jugs were easier to use, and more popular in the US. No, I don't think it had anything to do with the cold; in the early days milk would have been sold in bottles, so when the plastic bags came out it would have been cheaper to produce and easier to resize. Still would be compared to plastic jugs and cartons. I don't know, I have no reason to buy bagged milk, but if I did I guess I'd need to look for a container to hold it in, which wouldn't be a big deal.


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