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SO hmm, hi, hello there...

As you can probably guess (unless for some reason you have images disabled on) I maybe kinda like anime and manga. I'm also into music, more of the stuff found on your alternate music stations if ya know what I mean. I enjoy writing and drawing and largely making up stuff and scenarios in my head.

I'm down for the occasional roleplay. Invites are nice and I'll probably help to fill out the side/job and/or play whatever needs to be played. I don't really have preferred genre but I'll let ya know if I have any issues.

A bit about myself in actuality. I'm friendly and compliant, on the other hand I'm a little pretentious and more often then not; reluctant. Yeup. A large part of me just likes to stay out of trouble, the smaller of the latter would probably be wanting to start a revolution. No worries though, all and any revolutions will kept harboured and at bay.


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Generating Text...

Eh I'll jsut list some things that I like or enjoy or even in the slightest; love.

Formatting in bbcode
Foreign webcomics
One Piece
Creating characters/plots/scenarios/anything(?!)
Manga manga manga
and Rolling
Rolling on the riverrr~




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You've made an old cat very happy xd : BTW if you play Sword or Shield there's a grant code for a singing pikachu P25MUS1C
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Nice profile and thank you for your purchase. heart
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free phuck
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