About me

First things first:
I am an artist.
Always have been, and always will be.


I guess you can say I'm happy now, in my own messed up sort of way.

I love Pink Floyd, body "mutilations", and art.

Plants are pretty fantastic.

I'm a striving psychonaut and selectively social person with a hint of intelligence and ambition who loves to create a mixture of beauty and bizarre.

I don't care what people think. I do what makes me and the people I love happy.

It is also necessary to say that Terence McKenna, Alex Grey, and Audrey Hepburn are huge role models of mine.

This art right below was drawn for me a few years back:
User Image
Art by Hanouchia

The Peacemaker

On soft feet, by none detected,
Dealing death, by most rejected,
Killed by claw, since resurrected,
Marked by X, two lines connected,
Finally, they intersected,
Two lines met, one unexpected.

Well you came so leave a comment if you so desire.