I've been on here since '07, but had to make a new account due to complications accessing it.

I am:
- A small adult
- An artist
- A demisexual lesbian
- Happily taken heart
- An empath
- An animal and nature lover
- A lingerie connoisseur
- Addicted to tea & coffee
- A passionate mental health & human rights advocate
- Probably stoned

Creating art and transferring my mental images to paper is my forte, and it's something I happen to enjoy. Music is very important to me, as well as laughing and good conversation. I also love most things science-related, especially astronomy, physics, quantum physics, and astrophysics. It is my goal to travel, explore, and experience different cultures and areas of the world, and acquire knowledge and happiness along the way. If you wanna know something else, just ask heart



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the-worst-to-offer Report | 07/02/2019 5:19 pm
bruh ur avi is STUNNING
l k i t n i n j a l Report | 06/15/2019 7:52 am
oh yeah? i might be down to do that! i'm a little wishy washy with my art right now, but if you send me a full pic including items i'll see what i can do!
l k i t n i n j a l Report | 06/13/2019 3:42 pm
aw, you're so sweet!!
i very rarely use gaia anymore, i'm only back because i've started getting into digital art again
are you on gaia often?
l k i t n i n j a l Report | 06/11/2019 5:19 am
hello there!!
Xxmi3nbo1xX Report | 11/03/2018 3:40 am
thanks for the buy
callmeleah Report | 10/15/2018 5:31 am
Thanks for buying. Cute avi heart
CD- A R I A x3 Report | 05/02/2018 10:34 pm
Hello there! I was wondering if you would like to buy a HQ personalized profiles? If yes, please Please do visit my profile shop
I’ve been a profile maker here in GAIA since 09’

Hope to hear from you. Leave a <3, please? :3

P.S. I love your avatar blaugh
Lil Misz Agnes Report | 04/15/2018 9:45 pm
Thank you for purchasing ! emotion_ghost
DJ Twissta Report | 11/27/2016 9:01 pm
I love your store description!
anonymcus Report | 09/14/2016 9:35 am
Thanks very much, Loraisha (:



I'm on Twitter and I'm nice, cute, gay, and sweet. Inbox me for it.


I'm on the hunt for avi art ninja
Lemme know if you can help!


Respect the realm that is your mind, and the environment that surrounds it.

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