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Name: Tasi vas Qwib Qwib

Adjectives: Gray-ace, Queer, Social Introvert

Free Time(?): Mass Effect, Cooking, Edutainment

Hates: Peppers, Wasps, Imperial Measurements, Pennies

Desired Superpower: Teleportation (without the existential baggage)

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The_Arsethetic Report | 02/11/2024 6:50 pm
Do not ask about the name...
ThiccByte Report | 01/14/2024 6:39 am
gaia_uniduck Thank you for your purchase gaia_uniduck
xActias Report | 12/06/2023 11:54 am
Thank you for the avatar fav, I appreciate it!

Herana ILY Report | 10/28/2023 10:17 pm
gaia_angelleft yum_puddi gaia_angelright
Thank you
for purchasing!
MoonXena Report | 08/26/2023 1:09 am
Aw thank you I like the colors on you'res very eye drawing
MoonXena Report | 08/26/2023 1:04 am
Thank you for adding my avatar as one of you're favorites it means so much crying no one done that before,you are the first 🥇
death by A kiss Report | 08/22/2023 6:11 pm
Thank you for your purchase! heart
Valansi Report | 08/18/2023 9:16 pm
It's always a temptation to figure out how, no matter the avi. xD Gaia just doesn't have enough mech parts!!!
User Image I remembered the main one I liked to combine it with. heart
Valansi Report | 08/18/2023 9:09 pm
The white with pops of color is always really striking. ^_^ I have vague memories of using the clipboard and making robot assistants, too. xD Good times.
Valansi Report | 08/18/2023 9:02 pm
I'm very grateful! Enticing is such a nice color scheme. ;u; I really don't know why Gaia doesn't use it more! I was super excited to see the announcement for it and popped it on my WL as soon as it was in the MP. whee