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Registered: 10/15/2006

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Name: Tasi vas Qwib Qwib

Affiliated Group(s): Harem, Hentaii Moderation Skwod

Class: Sexy Distraction

Weapons: Assault Rifles, Shotgun

Powers: Fluff, Distract, Panic, Allure


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Rain Pebble Report | 07/18/2016 12:05 pm
Great avatar as always, Tasi emotion_kirakira
Wynn ap Gwydion Report | 04/20/2016 8:58 am
He does. I just haven't finished working on him, yet. XD
Wynn ap Gwydion Report | 04/20/2016 8:42 am
He is immortal, conditional on the life of his forest. As long as a single seed from a single one of the plants from the original forest survives, so will he. Since his forest is tucked into a pocket dimension away from all outsiders....he's going to live a very long time. XD
Wynn ap Gwydion Report | 04/20/2016 8:26 am
It is, but he then lives for another 1987 years+, and has a lot of new adventures/friends/loves. He never forgets the ones he lost, but he moves forward.
Wynn ap Gwydion Report | 04/20/2016 8:15 am
I do! He is a 'Guardian' type fae, from the ancient woods of Scotland. He was originally known as 'Trefoil', before a demon attacked their lands and took out his small group of friends and lovers. He chose a 'stone' name to replace his 'flower' name, because he wished to feel nothing after that. Each piece of jewelry he wears is something he had made for one of his lost lovers.
Wynn ap Gwydion Report | 04/20/2016 8:07 am
Thank you! This is my OC, Lazuli. biggrin
Valansi Report | 04/18/2016 7:33 pm
Not really. I love Soul Calibur for it's story and characters more than it's arcade fighting mode. If they made it more like an open world game or rpg rather than a one-on-one vs. arena match thing and you could really immerse yourself in the story that would be like a dream game for me. It's got a great world behind it, even though you don't get to hear too much of it other than in the character's bios and what little story mode they give each game.
Valansi Report | 04/18/2016 6:24 pm
Nice. xD My favorite was a staff-wielder I named Mizrahi. She was my most-played of all of them.
Valansi Report | 04/18/2016 6:14 pm
Yeah, I love it so much! It's my favorite part of the game and the one I visit every time I boot it up. xD
Valansi Report | 04/18/2016 9:32 am
This just makes me want to pull out my Soul Calibur. xD