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- Aekean -
- The Committee -
- Zurg Legion -

[They Call Me Dee Or Synth]

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Synthetic Nature

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Last Login: 01/20/2023 3:14 pm

Registered: 01/23/2011

Gender: Female

Location: Aekea

Birthday: 10/22/1997

Occupation: Zurg Legion, The Committee

About The Character

About The Human


My name is Synth/Dee/WhateverYouWannaCallMe!
I like drinking coffee, taking naps with my cats
and listening to smooth jazz on rainy nights.

gaia_zurg yum_coffee emotion_rainbow emotion_bandaid emotion_bigheart


22nd October

5,6ft (I think?)

'Too scared to check TBH.

Arts Student, Plant & Cat Mum

~ Art ~ Music ~ Photography ~ Cosplay ~ Literature ~
~ Philosophy ~ Psychology ~ Animals ~ Nature ~

~ Loud Noises ~ Bright Lights ~
~ Eye-Related Gore ~ Stage Fright ~ Bad Vibes ~

A bit loopy and sleep-deprived, but I'm still always tired.
I can be very introverted and quiet until people get to know me.
Unfortunately I have very bad mental and physical health,
but I will always try my best to stay positive about life. I always try to keep the good vibes going!

I can cook instant minute noodles in less than a minute! (I'm lying!)

Scruffy AF!
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ALBIREO THE SODA POP Report | 09/01/2022 9:44 pm
Bro it has been awhile! I magically came back! 2022! mrgreen
Doctor Ragnarok Report | 05/10/2022 7:31 pm
Doctor Ragnarok
Hullo there, Dee. Just thought I'd pop by and wish you a good day. Hope you're having one! ninja
Newzpop Reporta Tyro Bong Report | 02/14/2022 11:39 am
Newzpop Reporta Tyro Bong
Happy Valentines Day! gaia_zurg
Clove Boheme Report | 12/22/2021 12:56 pm
Clove Boheme
I'm glad you've been finding entertainment enjoyment to occupy your time, Dee.
This Christmas Season is all about having fun!
Clove Boheme Report | 12/20/2021 10:39 am
Clove Boheme
So glad to have you as my friend! ❤️ YAY! gaia_zurg
Taroeta Report | 10/26/2021 10:08 am
happy birthday!
Bearnas Two Report | 09/06/2021 5:09 am
Bearnas Two
Elegant/formal men's wear in general. Hundreds of dresses and eveing gowns to pick from, but mere scraps for the guys xP
Bearnas Two Report | 09/05/2021 2:51 pm
Bearnas Two
Thanks! Been buying whatever masculine suits, vests, slacks & recolors thereof I come across. Not many there, though.
BatChic Report | 07/28/2021 3:56 pm
I'm glad I stopped by~ Gorgeous Profile, Dee!
Hope all is well. Hail Zurg! gaia_zurg
Sybelle Report | 06/15/2021 1:52 am
Lol, it is. My mom won't shut up about it and will tell every single person in her vicinity that stands still for more than 3 seconds. It gets a little embarrassing!
But thank you!
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