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Name: Sarah.
Age: 34
Lives in: Ireland.
Currently: Unemployed but searching.
Relationship status: Single
Sexuality: Pansexual

Other: Shy,Sometimes emotional,Stubborn and Headstrong

Currently fighting through my depression and also my social anxiety
which is a very hard job but... I'll get past them one day!

Goals for the future: Try college once more to either learn: Graphics design,Animation,Video gaming.

Loves: Plushies,Baby animals,Kittens,Puppies,My family,My online and real life friends,My pets,Cute fashion,Tattoos,Video games,Random movies,Watching random youtube channels and Let's Play channels.

Hates: Bugs,Darkness,Lightning,Horror movies,Backstabbers,Liars,Blood,Ex friends.

My links:
My Youtube.

If you want to have a chat with me then please comment me ^-^,I'm not a huge fan of private messages....


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This is going to be a journal about anything and everything!.


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I Fight Drunk Report | 11/24/2023 5:37 pm
I Fight Drunk
User Image
Agent_Yevon Report | 07/03/2023 12:19 pm
Sorry for not responding to your last message, since I had to leave the computer and venture off fulfill obligations, but....yeah.

Weird dude, weird situation. Continue to be there for your friend and help her if she ever comes into any sort of trouble where she needs advice or guidance of some sort.

It's almost like as if it's destined to happen....but to think so would be..bad, wouldn't it? Not on a "I told you so" level, but, let's just hope she finds her way out of his grasp, type situation by learning how to identify

Creeps and such.

Anyways, just wanted to say that since I'm not a fan of cutting off conversations without at goodbye of sorts. sweatdrop
anarchocommunist_ Report | 06/13/2023 2:32 pm
you telling me my wife aint real gonk and i've just been imagining her up eek
anarchocommunist_ Report | 06/13/2023 1:17 pm
wot kinda unicorn
anarchocommunist_ Report | 06/13/2023 1:10 pm
you'll be the cutest mouse on earth redface
anarchocommunist_ Report | 06/13/2023 12:13 pm
the black snakes are very nice here also they get rid of mice around your house
anarchocommunist_ Report | 06/13/2023 10:10 am
i have extreme arachnophobia but it doesn't bug me one bit holding a snake or one of them caimans, they kinda cute ngl

but tarantulas are the exception to my arachnophobia and holding one of them birdeaters would be cool
anarchocommunist_ Report | 06/13/2023 8:58 am
I just saw a tiktok video of this florida guy who goes around in the everglades grabbing crocs, alligators and snakes, he went to the amazon and all he says is yoink but boops a brazilian wandering spider (literally the deadliest spider in the world) and holds a poison dart frog
anarchocommunist_ Report | 06/13/2023 8:44 am
I feel very bonita
anarchocommunist_ Report | 06/13/2023 8:38 am
I used a very reliable AI lmao


Trying to become more positive,Trying to be kinder to people
Loves to draw, Adorable
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