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Well I suppose I should tell you a little about myself. My name is Stacy. I am graphic, web and jewelry designer from Michigan. I run my own little shop on Etsy.com called keytiques, you can check it out here.

I have very varied interest, one of those top interest being music. I am literally a music junkie. I love pretty much any and all music with the exception of a few select genres. Personality wise in general I'm a very down to earth person. However I can also be very sarcastic at times. I really dislike witting bios about myself so this is all that's here for now. Maybe it will change down the future.


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([CandyKoRn]) Report | 07/16/2018 2:49 pm
Damn, do you even log on anymore?
I remember you and Garlic rating everyone in AT back in '04.

I'm on a serious nostalgia trip right now. crying gonk
Tastick Report | 05/22/2018 1:31 pm
It's been a long time! I found your story on etsy! Everything is so cute! biggrin
Tastick Report | 05/13/2018 3:43 pm
Heya dear! Long time, no see! Hope you are well and if you see this you reach out! heart
Machinery Report | 08/16/2017 2:39 pm
Hey there, love the style guide, not enough people have read it. it sucks though because all of the avatars posted are blank photobucket ad type stuff? crying
Princess Nausicaa Report | 08/14/2017 10:13 pm
Princess Nausicaa
Candy crack! Brings back fond memories of the AT!
Luucoa Report | 05/13/2017 2:58 pm
cool avi
.Arriana. Report | 04/12/2016 9:41 pm
heart heart
Nemariel Report | 02/02/2015 5:15 am
CC we miss you come back! <3s, Angel Bunnies
sapphyredragon Report | 01/29/2015 9:40 am

Your style database is sooo awesome!
Thank you for taking the time to do it! heart

SchwarzWeiss Report | 01/19/2015 6:53 am
CC! Drop by AT sometime.

We miss you there. emotion_facepalm


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Gender: Female

Location: Detroit, MI

Birthday: 03/18

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