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Well I suppose I should tell you a little about myself. My name is Stacy. I am graphic, web and jewelry designer from Michigan. I run my own little shop on Etsy.com called keytiques, you can check it out here.

I have very varied interest, one of those top interest being music. I am literally a music junkie. I love pretty much any and all music with the exception of a few select genres. Personality wise in general I'm a very down to earth person. However I can also be very sarcastic at times. I really dislike witting bios about myself so this is all that's here for now. Maybe it will change down the future.


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Chainmail Report | 04/15/2024 6:25 pm
Went through your friends list and had a little teary eyed nostalgia moment. All the AT 00s greats are in there ❤️
DAFT-BOT Report | 07/04/2023 4:21 pm
heart golden oldie
Tastick Report | 05/30/2023 3:15 pm
I'm also good. I still log on here every once in a while to dress up my avi haha. Can't believe this account is like 20 years old XD
Tastick Report | 04/27/2023 7:58 pm
OMG HI!!! How are you, babe??
SchwarzWeiss Report | 01/12/2021 7:22 am
Hey CC! Happy 2021, we miss one of our AT forum mods! LOL
Tastick Report | 01/27/2020 5:56 am
Missing the old days with us and the gang being snobby fashionistas in the AT. Are you still in touch with anyone? <3
Coolcoolkiwi Report | 12/08/2019 10:31 am
I like your avater!
([CandyKoRn]) Report | 07/16/2018 2:49 pm
Damn, do you even log on anymore?
I remember you and Garlic rating everyone in AT back in '04.

I'm on a serious nostalgia trip right now. crying gonk
Tastick Report | 05/22/2018 1:31 pm
It's been a long time! I found your story on etsy! Everything is so cute! biggrin
Tastick Report | 05/13/2018 3:43 pm
Heya dear! Long time, no see! Hope you are well and if you see this you reach out! heart


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Gender: Female

Location: Detroit, MI

Birthday: 03/18

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