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I am 23!~

Love kpop you haven't been able to tell already redface

My second obsession and love is My Chemical romance heart

Please message me!~ I love making new friends heart

Ask for my discord too~ redface

I've been on gaia for almost 10 years now @_@ This is my 3rd account~

P.s If I click on your profile randomly, it's probably because I'm looking at your avi~ hehe




널 여는데 열쇠는 필요 없어
그냥 문 부수지



My Chem

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OnyxNeo Report | 11/10/2020 11:26 am
your avi is pretty *:・゚✧
XxCountessLuluOfLunacyxX Report | 09/21/2020 4:21 pm
hai :O :U nom sweatdrop
XxCountessLuluOfLunacyxX Report | 09/20/2020 10:06 pm
I ISH HAI ._. (i ISH to say hai. HAIIIII.)
DollyDoll89 Report | 08/14/2020 9:59 am
Thank you 😭💛💚✨
DollyDoll89 Report | 08/14/2020 2:31 am
Creative avi❤️❤️❤️
XxCountessLuluOfLunacyxX Report | 08/08/2020 2:01 pm
Have fun reading and watching a series that you love, I guess.
I don't like Twilight.
Growing up, I liked the books, and didn't like the movies at all. (Yes, I actually have read all the books and in the book,s I dont remember the mentioning of sparkling vampires, or if it is in the book, and I missed it and skimmed over it somehow... if I known that and caught that... I feel like I wouldnt have read all the books)
I watched one of the movies in the theaters and I hated the movie and hated the representation, portrayal of the characters, didn't felt genuine or realistic or accurate. Kristen felt like she didn't like the part given to her or didn't want to be there, I got that vibe from Robert and now he's going to be Batman and I am worried as beyond ******** (thats what I got for saying that I didnt like Ben Affleck either?)
Taylor Lautner, Nikki Reed, and Ashley Green did good portrayals, they actually tried. The actor for Jasper was really weird. He made Jasper angry. .-. ._.
I thought the movies ruined the Twilight series, and ruined my love for it.
I was a Jasper-Alice shipper, they were my favorite ship.
I didn't like Edward-Bella (for some reason, I wanted her with Jacob), even though vampires are my favorite over werewolves.
The whole sparkling thing in the sunlight freaked me out. No offense, but vampires don't sparkle.
But... these are all my opinions.... you love the series and enjoy, don't let my opinions ruin your fun?
XxCountessLuluOfLunacyxX Report | 08/07/2020 5:07 pm
LOL Twilight? The books or movies?
LickYouToDeath Report | 08/04/2020 7:38 am
Thanks for friendly stalking my profile
xPaoInTheKisserx Report | 07/29/2020 1:52 am
No problem heart heart heart
XxCountessLuluOfLunacyxX Report | 07/08/2020 12:43 pm
I am hoping MCR will do reimagined, revisits, covers, or updates of their old songs from old albums.
Or at least release new music.
What other bands you like besides MCR?
I love A Day To Remember, Four Year Strong, Falling In Reverse, New Found Glory, Sum 41, Green Day, Simple Plan, Trivium, In Flames, Lacuna Coil, Slipknot