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hi, i'm lisa.


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treint Report | 06/16/2019 10:39 pm
I appreciate you.
Zakon Report | 02/15/2019 3:02 am
what about the funny birds that hop around

I'm still doing nothing with my life emo
Zakon Report | 02/06/2019 10:59 am
Bonzly Report | 01/30/2019 1:44 pm
Thanks. c:
Bonzly Report | 01/30/2019 1:26 pm
I gotcha.
Stay blessed in everything you do.
Bonzly Report | 01/30/2019 12:57 pm
We all fall.

Just gotta get back up.

Still drawing?
Bonzly Report | 01/30/2019 12:47 pm
Yes, they are still trying to get money out of people. I've already given them enough of my cash, hence the mood bubble.

I've been fairly busy myself. I got promoted to manager of my produce department, and I'm currently on the hunt for a second to help me pick up some of the slack. I've also been exercising 4-5 times a week since the year started and I'm down 20 lbs so far.
Just Hustlin Through Report | 12/31/2018 12:23 am
Just Hustlin Through
So I was going through an old thread on one of my banned accounts from 2011. And we seemed to be friends, even though I don't personally have any memory of our friendship, figured I'd say "hi" and bug ya for the first time in idek how many years. emotion_yatta
Zakon Report | 12/30/2018 4:49 pm
Merry New Year o:
Bonzly Report | 12/29/2018 2:38 pm
The site's losing money. They've been asking users to donate to keep it afloat. I flat out refuse.

How's life treating you?