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Hi There, I am Senn~

Im not a super active user, but I still pop on to fool around. I can't believe this account is 10yrs old. Gaia was huge for me back in the day!

•is 25
•my Tumblr
•my Figure Collection
•Instagram: Sennarii
•Twitter @sennari
•has the bestest of friends! :3
•Huge Dangan Ronpa fan
•Huge Persona fan
•loves cute stuff
•likes to cosplay!!
•loves blue and pink together
•had her soul stolen by Xenosaga

Gifts mean a lot ♥
ll Amullet ll: Hell Prison, Bubu the Kitten ♥
Forte Abel: Sam's Crew, Cumulus ♥
Sporfles: Happy Melody ♥
MoonlitShadow87: Cybertronic Layer ♥
N a v i i - P o r n: Boa ♥

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