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^<3 for Winry for making the picture!
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^ <3 for Envy and the EnvyXLust guild, Ambitious.


Age: Currently 16! My birthday's 7/24/92 incase I don't update for awhile x.x

Bloodtype: AB Negative (@_@ I get the weird one)

Pets: Naoko (Black Cat) Cece(That's just her Nice Name...Her actual name is...All spanish)

Likes: Ranger. Oh God, he is SO hot...>> I like to smell his soap. Drawing, Roleplaying with LITERATE people only! Coloring Line Art on PaintShop Pro, Eating, Sleeping, Messing around at the mall, hanging out with Friends.

GaiaFriends: This is a list of people that arn't on my friends list! People who I consider friends >>
Salad! (Sladra-kun) Hitoma, Sony(Or is she on there?) Alchemy Freak(o-o I dun know if she's on there either...) Xoee-chan (Absolutely AWESOME)

Dislikes: I hate bloodshed...I'm not afriad of blood, I don't faint over it, but I just hate war and arguments. I also hate being sick ._. It sucks. Waking up late for school, having nothing to drink in my house, when I'm broke, when my powers gets turned off because the electric company has a stick up there a**, when I have to move ONCE AGAIN, because the land owner has a fat lady in there a**, Math, and crappy anime :3 OH! And when people pm me cause they want my head band..Scamming for it << That pisses me off. ONE MORE! When you get an itch in the back of your throat, that you can't get to. I HATE THAT!

That, and Amanda Price. She's a MAJOR poser!

I do alot of roleplaying...or atleast I would LIKE to, but people don't tend to talk as much nor write as much as I do.

FMA(Lust, Schieska, Roze),
Onegai Teacher(Ichigo Marino)
Onegai Twins (Karen Onedara, Ichigo Marino)
Love Hina(I can play ANYBODY! Sept Matoko)
Galaxy Angel(Everyone exetp Vanilla...She is hard!)
Cowboy Bebop(I rarely do it, but I play Edward)
Rozen Maiden Suigintou, Suiseiseki, Souseiseki)
Chobits(Again, rarely. It must have a good plot, and I don't see alot of that! I ussually do made up, but if need be, I do Sumomo(Plum))
Fruits Basket rarely. Same reason as Chobits. I play the little tiger girl, everyone's favorite, Hisa!)
Read or Die(Yumiko)
Read or Die TV (I can do Michelle, Yumiko, and Anita)
DNAngel Towa, Hio, Risa, and Riku)
Mai Hime Mai, Natsuki
Mai Otome Mai, Natsuki, Nao
Fate/Stay Night Rin, Saber, Rider, Caster, Sakura

Aaaannnd...I think that's it!
Video Games
Soul Calibur
Kingdom HeartsKairi, Sora, Riku
Final Fantasy Rikku, Yuna, Paine, Aerith, Yuffie
Heavenly Sword: Kai :33
Stephanie Plum (IF YOU EVER FIND ONE, TELL ME IMEDIATLY! The Adeventures of Stephanie Plum are HILARIOUS! If you ever get the chance, read one of the books. They are by a woman named Janet Evanovich. ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS! The books are called, One For The Money, Two For The Show >> And...I can't remeber anything eles sept 10 Big Ones and Eleven On Top)
Harry Potter (ONLY IF I AM BEING EXTREMELY WEIRD AND IT HAS AN EXTREMELY GOOD PLOT! I do either Made up or Luna Lovegood. She's kick a** :3)
The Myth Series(YOU AGAIN, MUST TELL ME IF YOU SEE IT! The Myth Series is by Robert Asprin. Again, it's hilarious. The first book is called Another Fine Myth)

That's about it :3


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Thanks for buying!! Hope u enjoy them!! ^^

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thanks for buying =) !
Snowbird Rhovaniel

Report | 07/13/2009 1:55 pm

Snowbird Rhovaniel

Hey, whore! >;D

We should RP on here sometime D: I made Kryztal a while back >>;.
Snowbird Rhovaniel

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Snowbird Rhovaniel




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Love your current avi. x3

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You actually bought an egg? owo
DarkForgoten Fallen Angel

Report | 11/04/2008 6:17 pm

DarkForgoten Fallen Angel

awsome avi, profile and name!
Takumi no Winry

Report | 02/14/2008 5:30 pm

Takumi no Winry

Happy Valentine's Day! -hug-
Takumi no Winry

Report | 12/25/2007 6:47 pm

Takumi no Winry

Merry Christmas, Daughter!

Lust. My Daughter, I love you so much. <3 I really wish I can see you in person again, you made my year with that. x3 Even though you do touch people's private places. >> Thanks for always being there for me and I'm glad we're still close. ^^ I hope we can spend many, many more Christmas' together. I also hope you enjoy playing with your PS3. xD Come online once every few hours or weeks to talk to us, neh? >> So we know your game didn't eat you alive.

Love, Winry

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Happy Thanksgiving Lust User Image