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Hello! It seems you have stumbled into my profile so here's some info about me.

I've been a part of Gaia for many years, actually use to have another account until it was hacked.

I know my username is Wings of Faith but nowadays most people call me Edo, most likely because I am an Edward Elric Cosplayer.
I'm 22 years old and I'm starting to get the hang of coming back to Gaia.

I love playing video games. A bit of an old school gamer myself. Some of my favorite games are Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, Mario games, Final Fantasy Tactics, Gradius Series, etc. I also do Let's Plays on my youtube account which you can check here - www.youtube.com/vicsedobean

I also sing [which is horrible] and I also upload it on my youtube account. You can check out all the stuff I do.

I also love to draw and watch Anime. One of my favorite animes are Full Metal Alchemist, Sailor Moon, Kobato, Angelic Layer, My Bride is a Mermaid, etc.

I'm also a cosplayer as you can see in the picture. I cosplay Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist and Honey Sempai from Ouran High School Host Club. I go to many conventions and actually help out Vic Mignogna, voice of Edward Elric, sell his CDs and take pictures for him.

I think that's a good chunk of information. If you ever want to be friends, I have no problem. Hopefully I can come on Gaia more.

-Edo >oO( > 'o' )>


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Edobean's Other side of the Gate

This is pretty much a place of anything I want to post. Whether its my music, drawings, or just talking about my day.



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aw your paige is just adorable
Drend Fantasmo
Drend Fantasmo

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Wandering through my friend list, thought I'd say hi.

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hi frnd ur house z so nice i want to make my house like this plz help me . eek

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Le Pale to the Chief

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Le Pale to the Chief

I do not know you, and you do not know me, but God Bless you.

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May be late but, Happy Birthday.
Poor Mad Alice

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Poor Mad Alice

Very nice house!

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I totally understand! I groove with that.
I feel the same way - the word "christian"has been thrashed
and originally was meant as a compliment others were meant
to give you (if you resemble those values) not one used as a TAG.
Relationship is a much better way of expressing it but some people in the Faith
still don't get it. I think Jesus was Eastern so I don't think we get any of it.
The eastern mind frame is different and Jesus wasn't an American! Some of the Buddhist
Mentality probably resembles the relationship with God than what we have done to it.
There is something in the KNOWING in a relationship and the BEING that precedes all else.
Americans are way too focused on DO,DO,DO and somewhere in there we Deify ourselves
and loose the TRUTH and PEACE. We are too busy fitting GOD and others in A BOX......
BALH,BLAH,BLAH,BLAH........Here I go bouncing and you may have a totally different scew
and that's COOL! God is able to sort us all out where we are at and HE doesn't have a problem
with where any of us are at. Thank you so much again for sharing your talent and especially
for BEING. Strangers touch strangers and never know daily what affects we have made on others but we are
a LIVING VOICE of our SOUL and BELIEFS and in some small way we change the Universe.
There is something in the KNOWING in Relationship and BEING that stills the SOUL and requires nothing
else than to live in Celebration of LIFE. That Celebration and Peace is what everyone hungers for and
everything in our relationship becomes FLOWING and Natural. Flowing like GRACE. .......PEACE TO YOU DEAR SOUL....