The Person Behind Rika...

Tag! Das ist informatizion ueber mich! Updated 24.09.12

Name: Princess, Mermaid, Nemo

-Currently Happily Taken. He means the world to me. <3 I don't think that I could survive without him. Married 1.11.12
-In a Love relationship, luvs is everywhere, with Seahaze. She's the greatest and one of my best friends.
-Have my B.S. in Marine Biology
-Interested In love with marine invertebrates
-Trying to learn how to drive a stick shift.
-Work Offshore mostly in the GOM (Gulf of Mexico).
-Own 4 bettas: Yuki, Yakuza, Lancelot, and No Name
-Have a 10gal heaven for an albino lobster named Fabio.
-A 29gal tank. It contains: an African Butterfly (Jaws), and his buddies. Too many to list. @_@
-Learning Eisa and plan on going to Okinawa soon. I love Eisa!!
-Learning Okinawan Cultural Dance....
-Part of Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko Texas Branch
-Out and about living life. ;3
-Gaia may be put on hold, the busier I get with Eisa and work.

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