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If you had better luck compared to most...what would you do?

I'm proud to say I'm a starwars fan even after two horrible movies coming out, not bashing the productions in any way and I love Rey and Kylo but their
roles seem a bit reversed...

ANIME is my ultimate favourite to enter a comfort zone. If I want to watch an anime, I will. If I want to listen to some music I will or read, I will^_^

I love otome games, starwars games and this past year, survival games like minecraft.

I'm a great believer in Aliens, Bigfoot, the supernatural, black cats and stuff.

I love writing in journals.
I love TIGERS, LIGERS, LIONS...ALL CATS XD. The only thing that stresses me out...writing. What relaxes me from stressing, is music and watching anime shows.

The anime shows I love watching are Hell girl, ghost stories, and any other spooky animes ^_^

I read tons of manga also.

If you want to be my friend...GO AHEAD! I welcome anyone. My movies call to me, if you want more info, send me a PM


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Lilac-Kitten03 Report | 05/02/2021 12:27 pm
Thank you for buying from my little shop. 💜
Captain Blade Uzumaki Report | 03/24/2021 4:07 am
You're welcome and thanks Rin.
Captain Blade Uzumaki Report | 03/23/2021 1:07 am
Happy Birthday
Captain Blade Uzumaki Report | 01/05/2021 6:53 am
No prob Rin.
Captain Blade Uzumaki Report | 01/05/2021 3:03 am
Hey Rin, voted for you in the Runway.
Lucretia_Crimson Report | 12/02/2020 6:46 pm
Thank you for purchasing from my shop! 4laugh
Dalton the Debt Lord Report | 12/02/2020 4:24 pm
Thank you
z- Basil -z Report | 11/21/2020 3:01 am
Thanks for the purchase!
WatchTheSunDie Report | 11/18/2020 10:57 pm
Thank you for the purchases! heart
Lilac-Kitten03 Report | 11/18/2020 5:28 pm
Thank you for buying. smile


The CR:5 send their regards. heart


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