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'Dance of the Knights' by Prokofiev

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Fluffy Floof on 08/15/2023

??Who is??

-Edward "Riddler" Nigma-

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"--Riddle me This? 'Indifference donning mourning shroud, cutting all the mortals down, opposite to birth and life, filling the world with pain and strife. What am I?' Obviously Death...or Dead, which is exactly what these hostages will be if you don't solve this next Riddle! Who am I?"

The person who made me who I am...: Why me of course silly! I am THAT amazing!
My Mother calls me..: Edward Nashton
But I prefer to go by...: Riddler
However, I have also been called... Prince of Puzzlers, Crowned King of Conundrums, Quizmaster, among others...
Age is just a number, which happens to be...: 37
I was born as a....: Male, heir to the cities knowledge (which is highly limited)
My current place of residency: Gotham City, anywhere and everywhere
One of my goals for the future: Rule Gotham completely...no! The world, I can do that...why set my sights for anything less?
I prefer the company of...: Doctors, Inventors, and Geniuses, really anyone who has an IQ over 180 will do...
This song about sums me up...:
'Dance of the Knights' by Prokofiev, my favorite classical maestro
This is just a bit about myself....: Born and raised in Waterbury, by a loving Mother and Father, who always only wished the best for me, who pushed to strive me to go further and further with my intellect. They discovered I was a prodigy when I started reading at the age of four, moving swiftly onto college grade texts at the age of seven. Once I turned the tender age of ten, I was placed into a vast array of programs that boggled and worked the mind, music...string instruments like the violin, and the keys. Chess playing, writing sheet music, dictating mathematics and quantum physics. However my secret love was always for tricks, and Riddles, which I fell in love with after a contest that was held at my private school, the game, who could assemble a puzzle the fastest, every night after the school closed I would practice assembling that puzzle, until I finally mastered it to 15 seconds, I wanted to win not just for the prize, but for the fame, for the glory...needless to say while I won, the only attention I recieved was from the hands of bullies, still the show must go on! Ever, and always has it been my goal, to constantly push the limits of Mans simple mind, to try and achieve more. When I grew to adulthood, a brief stint in the 'working class' proved terribly dull and uneventful, I needed more...and so I went on my first crime spree, calling myself the Riddler...the first crime...no one listened, I HATE when people don't listen...the next crime I commit...they listened...I always get my way!

My Strengths... Intellect, wit, weapons master, clever, master manipulator, Gadgets, escape artist, agility, insanely rich, leadership, marksman, stealth, swordsmanship, tracking...
My Weaknesses... Well what would be the fun in revealing that? You'll simply have to find out now won't you?

I've always prefered to walk the path of...: Evil I suppose...its always only been in fun and games though, sometimes you just have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet...
When I fight I tend to use....: My Wit! My Superior intellect! But when I really need to get my hands dirty, my beloved question cane, or a simple gun...though I do appall the use of such basic weaponry...I'd much rather lead my foe into a trap...
I always try to look my best...: Green, Black and purple, tailored suits, spatz, always dapper...afterall one must always look his best...

[[Yes! I RP, please consult me whenever you wish...]]

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"--Working stiff fashion, simply does not suit me...refinery, consider it a middle name..."
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"--Sometimes it pays to have sidekicks, hired hands to help do my dirty work, I don't much fancy getting my hands dirty...not in the literal sense, but its so difficult to find like minded individuals, while I loathe them...I just grin and bare it... but really I am more like this..."
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"...Infuriating morons, how I despise them all insatiably."
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"--My Mind works indefinitely, always ticking, always turning, like a well oiled clock, I have everything planned out always, steps ahead of the rest of the world meticulously, but sometimes I just need to take a seat and think, sometimes being so intelligent can be lonely..."
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"--Gods I love to tamper with them, what precious little playthings these people are, like silly little dolls...they are meanless, but with my help...I give them purpose..."
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"--With a mind like mine, the world is small...so very teenie and convenient, from the four corners I can see it all, I can know everything...this city is minute, trivial, and it, and everything inside belongs to me...and only me..."
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"--When the world finally ends, it won't go out in a bang, but a whimper...and I will be the one to silence it, laughing...Thank you Gotham, its been a wonderful Game..."

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Jokers Gal Report | 01/15/2014 11:17 am
Jokers Gal
Walking further along, her arm was no longer around his waist, but looped through his own, as she clung to it like a young couple out on a date. In truth, it was partially the chill, partially because she had no idea what personal space meant. Taking in his points about Romeo and Juliet and how they involved some cat like references, she gave a shake of her head "Nah. Two horny teens too dumb to figure out how to make things work? Not quite Selina's forte. No, I'm thinkin' if we want to do two horny anythings, Antony and Cleopatra. D'em Egyptians loved cats. I can see her better like Miss Cleo there," she seemed to have already made up her mind at that point, not seeing how the romance between the two main characters could relate to Selina's own real life romances as well. Making it to the museum, she gave a pause, jerking on his arm as she stopped him as well "From here, we gotta go up. But there are cameras like......everywhere around the building. Right now we're in a blind spot," turning back to the building she gave a squint, seeming to count as she did "However," moving him along in a wide loop as she continued to count, she pulled him just on the outskirts of the steps "Kitty said that......13, 14,15,16......that one," jutting a finger out towards the 18th camera, she kept her eyes trained on it "Can't swivel. It's a small space, but we can move along its blind spot and avoid being caught. So stick close like stink on cheese, Eddy. Then we can enter through the fire escape to get onto the roof. From there, all we gotta do is remove one of the windows without tripping the alarm and be in. From here on it will be a lot of tip toin'.........unless you're into my usual smash and grab and run routine," she turned away from the camera, rolling her big blues up towards him, grinning wide as she waited for his response.
Jokers Gal Report | 01/14/2014 10:00 am
Jokers Gal
"Mind?" she asked once her spoke, her own strides matching with his, making the strange walk that much more easier "He ain't gunna ******** know we're there! s**t take what ya want, just leave Twelfth Night alone," it was a sudden burst of harsh language, but that was simply the way she was, sudden bursts of random, whether good or bad. "I can sort of see you as a......oh shoot what was his name.....bird from Aladdin......ugh....Iago! Yeah as a fan of Iago. That little s**t stirrer, loved to hate him! Though for you Eddy, I promise it is just purely love," she hoped a step somehow, reaching up and kissing his cheek, letting out a loud 'mwah' sound effect as she did so. "I honesty haven't thought that far in," she stated after his question, licking her glove and smudging off the black kiss mark she had left behind like some mother with zero boundaries. "Just yankin' ya. The place is in one of Selina's favorite hit spots. She helped me map out the area and what not. Security has changed and all, but there is still some spots they seemed to have left open. I took a tour there just this morning. Cat Lady just said to pick her up something valuable, I don't think Shakespeare wrote much on cats........at least I don't remember he did.........he wrote about shrews though, that's close enough, right?
Jokers Gal Report | 01/13/2014 11:17 pm
Jokers Gal
As he moved from the wall, seeming to agree to some level, though lacking the enthusiasm that she normally carried, she looped her arm around his waist, pulling him close like they were old chums. "I'm one of those.......know it when I see it kind of shoppers. I'm sure you can understand," giving him one hard look, she made a small face "Or perhaps not, considering who you are. Not much of a spur of the moment type," kicking up snow as they walked, her arm remained around him, though she was shorter than he was, she was just the perfect height for an arm rest around her shoulders. "I have a few places I would like to hit up, but considering this sort of unorthodoxed shopping methods, I do have to make one choice place. So I figured, who doesn't like jewelry? But, then again, it's so.....cliche, I suppose. Robbing a jewelry store. Who hasn't, am I right? So, I thought, perhaps a bank? Money? Really? What am I? Someone's uncle? No, just wouldn't do as far as a wonderful Christmas gift and certainly not something that can fit all of my beloved friends, including yourself. I'm sure you can enjoy a nice wad of cash now and again, but there is nothing special about it. So, I thought about it a bit more. Then it hit me. No, literally. A flyer hit me, right smack dab in the face. There has been a traveling museum of sorts, displaying many works of Shakespeare. His comedies, his tragedies, his romances, his poems, his ripped off failures. All of it. I've always had a soft spot for Feste, sort of reminded me of my darling sweetie. What better way to express my undying love than by ripping every piece of him out from the hands of the public and selflessly giving it to one person to enjoy. There are other pieces too, of course, but only a few I'm truly interested in, not to mention some things that I may or may not pick up. Again, spur of the moment sort of thing,"
Clark Kent_Daily Planet Report | 01/13/2014 10:26 am
Clark Kent_Daily Planet
"Mr. Riddler do you mean to say that your going to ...er ... Riddle one of the members of the city council" he said fumbling over loose gravel in the street. "I have to figure out riddlers plans i wonder if batman knows about this, Where is he"He Thought
Clark Kent_Daily Planet Report | 01/08/2014 11:36 am
Clark Kent_Daily Planet
-Mr Nigma can I get a quote for tomorrows column- the reporter asked -what are your plans for Gotham?-
Jokers Gal Report | 01/08/2014 11:24 am
Jokers Gal
He was such an unusual individual. Never quite understanding him, she never took much of a thought to truly get to know this enigma. Perhaps it was their personalities, never quite mixing. For those she loved, she was eager to please, almost too eager, prancing about on her toes like a well trained poodle, anything to receive a smile. He on the other hand was less giving, in kindness it seemed, preferring those who liked him just the way he was, though in this sort of world, no one just liked you like that. There was always a give and take, for humans are such selfish creatures. Still, his time she could endure, and perhaps even enjoy in some way. Her hand went to the bag once its use was brought up, nearly getting ready to hide it or fumble for some excuse like she was already caught "Yeah. I'm one of those dopes who always waits last minute." relaxing her grip, she pondered over his words, pursing her lips gently before sliding off of the low wall, taking a cascade of snow with her that clung to her furred outfit "I could use some company, though, don't really like being alone on the holidays," her eyes flicked up towards him, such a bright and trusting blue, the kind that didn't belong to a criminal, but to some ingenue that deserved rescuing. Now in the cold dim Gotham lights, they looked frozen over, blending with the dull blue grey of the winter life, only glittering with the prospect of theft. "You're welcome to join me, Eddy,"
Worlds Greatest Detective Report | 01/07/2014 1:35 pm
Worlds Greatest Detective
((what's the setting for this roleplay and are they right next to each other ?))
Notched Report | 01/06/2014 12:31 pm
Thank you.
Worlds Greatest Detective Report | 01/03/2014 4:42 pm
Worlds Greatest Detective
Ace of Gotham Report | 12/31/2013 11:39 am
Ace of Gotham
        [[ Ah, alright! Riddler was always one of my favorite criminals. u vu I'd be happy to send a starter later on. ]]


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"--Riddle me this..."


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