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Symbolism of number One Report | 02/13/2018 4:19 am
Symbolism of number One
Thank you! xd I changed it in the meantime, do you like the new one as well? :p

LOL, so it is a real expression? I met a colleague a few weeks ago and mentioned that I will be turning 30 soon, and he used that phrase, but I thought he was just trying to be funny.
For my actual birthday, Benjamin made dinner, and we kinda wanted to have sex, but we felt so full after dinner that we just cuddled and fell asleep. Plus, he had stomach ache, so he wasn't feeling very much in the mood. Lame, I know, and by extension, not too "dirty". blaugh Then this Saturday, I had a party at our place, and even though many people who said they would come did not come, it was still fun. We played Cards Against Humanity and sang karaoke, and fortunately, none of the neighbors complained. 3nodding

One really annoying thing happened, on the day of the party, my cell phone charger broke, and the phone itself was very low on battery, so people could not call if they needed additional directions AND (I guess this makes it two annoying things) the buzzer did not work, so when people rang, and I tried to buzz them in, nothing would happen, so i had to get to the ground floor by myself and open the doors for most of them (some of them entered because some neighbors opened the door as they were leaving the building).

I know, it is indeed weird, In other countries DHL is the epitome of efficient delivery, in Germany, DHL seems to want to piss people off intentionally. There is actually an explanation for that, but it's pretty lengthy, and I'm not even sure if I remember it fully, so I will only write it to you if you really want to know. :p

For example, Berlin winters have been kinda mild-ish, and actually less cold than the ones in Belgrade. Berlin is exposed to oceanic currents that make it milder and there's never too much snow. Munich, for example, which is much more south, is always colder and has more snow, because it is surrounded by mountains. But I guess Berlin has been kinda humid as well. Although not as much as London, and I'm sure not as much as Hawaii. I think you might actually like it here, climate-wise. Summers are also never too hot.
Symbolism of number One Report | 02/03/2018 5:46 pm
Symbolism of number One
Aww, it's kinda cute. My bf still has his plush gray kitty that he got as a present when he was like 1 year old. He doesn't sleep with it anymore, but he holds it near his bed. I don't think the staff necessarily judges you, but either way, as long as they never tell you anything about it, it's as if they're not. wink

Yeah, my posture sucks so much, and I also got recommended yoga before, so I might try some of the similar stuff . I'm definitely not fit enough to try any of those ambitious stretches. Now that I am turning 30, I really think I should do something for my body and not let it go into a state of general dysfunction. :p

Sounds like a great deal! Here in Germany (or at least in Berlin), package delivery is notoriously unreliable, and the delivery people often don't even ring at your doorbell, and then just leave a note, as if they tried to deliver, but you were not at home. Sometimes they don't even bother with a note, so you have to organize a search party for your package. So I probably wouldn't order anything important like glasses online.

Ehh, maybe a solution would be to do some sort of a road trip where you travel from one place to the next with short stops in each, so that you don't have travel too long, and then you end up in Sweden in a year? xd I assume that would be majorly expensive, though. :p
Symbolism of number One Report | 01/27/2018 5:54 pm
Symbolism of number One
I can definitely relate about being bad at self care, sadly. sad
But yeah, it's not a bad strategy being prepared for the worst and then being positively surprised. But ONLY if that preparation doesn't mean you will make your life miserable in anticipation of the worst up until the day of the event. But like, if you can accept the worst calmly, then that's cool.

Light yoga sounds interesting. How did you know what to do? Did you go to classes or did you find resources online or in a book?

I definitely feel the same about Gaia! heart It connected me to some great people, sparked my creativity and enabled me to immerse into a different world, one more pleasant than the one I had to live in for the most part.

The photo worked! The gradient indeed looks cool! smile Btw, did you just order the frame or the frame + lenses? I've always been a bit suspicious about ordering glasses online instead of seeing an optometrist first.

Ugh, that sounds like a major pain. Which state would have such a climate? Cold and dry? Hmmm, something up north, but not near any large body of water? North Dakota?
Symbolism of number One Report | 01/26/2018 3:54 pm
Symbolism of number One
Hahah, IKR, I always heard "I'd rather have a root canal than THIS", when they wanted to make something sound really bad. I mean, it wasn't pleasant or anything, but considering all i heard, it wasn't as bad as I expected.
Ah, then that's definitely something to be conscious of. Did you try maybe meditation or some mindfulness techniques?

haha, yeah, definitely not, and it's basically in his family, they're all like that, but he does seem to be the most successful one.

Haha, yeah, think of all the adventures she had. Being a vampire (remember that?) and then reverting back to human, changing hair styles and eye colors... biggrin

Sounds really nice and stylish. Ah, I kinda want a new frame now too. biggrin

Thanks! heart I think it's important to define our own success, y'know? Like, even if this doctoral program doesn't work, I will have still learned a lot from it, and will come out of it a different (hopefully wiser/better) person, so that's OK. Which is ofc not a reason not to exert myself.

Ouch, yeah, I remember that. It has been better though, since you've been living in Oregon? Can it be completely cured? Or just only kinda alleviated?

Symbolism of number One Report | 01/26/2018 3:07 pm
Symbolism of number One
I had two root canals, one for each of my crowns - the sounds are kinda gross, but I don't remember it really hurting, mostly because the stuff inside was dead already. Ew. Probably not a picture you needed right now, but what I meant to say - it doesn't hurt very much. I also sometimes clench my teeth. ugh, one more thing to pay attention to. confused

I knowwww, I knowww... crying Ugh, why are we people so lazy when it comes to taking care of ourselves? Or I guess not everyone, but I guess many of us.

Hah, yeah, I can still be happy, this is not something that happens often, mostly when we play board games, and with our schedules, it doesn't happen too much. Mostly during holidays, when we go to his family etc. There's this one board game where he actually won the German championship in one year. lol

Thank you! ^_^ If I am not mistaken, you will have your 14th one this year? In a few years you will have been on Gaia for more than half your life. :p I mean, ofc, you haven't been on it all the time, and in the last few years not very frequently at all, but still...

Sounds really cool! Is the gradient on the frame or on the lens?
Aw, thanks! whee It really is not that easy, but I do what i can to stay afloat, and I'm learning a lot along the way.

Ah, alright. Where is home for him? I'm assuming not Hawaii? And you're not gonna follow him to his home town?

Symbolism of number One Report | 01/23/2018 2:32 pm
Symbolism of number One
emotion_hug emotion_bigheart

Ouch, 12? Yeah, that definitely sounds like a pain. I also didn't go to the dentist regularly, and even after my visit in August, I didn't really go again, but now that you tell me this, I'm starting to reconsider. I kinda thought that using a good toothpaste (that's supposed to prevent parodontosis, because my dentist said I'm at risk of getting it) as well as a mouth wash and floss would be enough, but I guess not.

Hahah, thank you! heart Yes, i totally agree with you regarding that, but it's one of the things he's annoying about. And thanks! I don't think my intelligence can help me catch up to his almost 20 years of experience, though. For example, in this other game, where cards are being dealt, he literally knows who has what cards 90% of the time, even though they are kept hidden from other players (but you can see them being distributed). So basically he updates his mental count of everyone's hand in each turn. Ugh. :p But I guess such a level of skill is a challenge to aspire to? xd

Is the other pair purple as well? smile Which reminds me, I bought the pair I'm using now in 2008, maybe I should buy a new one. Which reminds me, this year will be my 10th gaiaversary. Cannot believe it's been a decade. eek

Thanks! 3nodding It pretty much sounds better than it is. But yeah, this is my way of staying in Germany legally, so I do have a good reason to apply myself and do all I can to get that funding.

Could you give me a brief summary of why you have to move back to Hawaii? I'm not sure if you wrote about that on fb, but I don't recall. How did you pay rent so far? And I'm assuming this way won't work anymore?

Symbolism of number One Report | 01/21/2018 10:17 am
Symbolism of number One
Robyn! *glomps* I just now realized I forgot to reply to your last comment.

So a quick summary - I went back to Serbia in August and had my teeth fixed, so far it seems fine.

Oh lol, I got reminded of that Magic the Gathering incident by rereading that last comment. We talked about it and he said he "plays to win" and doesn't see that changing any time soon. And the truth is, I hate to lose, even if it's something I'm new at, especially if it's by a landslide. So can't say we resolved it, but I guess we moved on from it. In the meantime, I moved in with him. :3

At the time of your last comment, you wrote about getting new purple glasses. 3nodding Are they still serving you okay?

I started a doctoral program here in Berlin, but only got money for 1 year, and now I have to apply for funding for years 2 and 3. The project itself is pretty stressful, because there are some conflicts between one of my supervisors and a guy who is supposed to enable me access to some data, so it's a big drama. Other than that, I'm pretty fine. Still procrastinating and not giving up on Gaia. razz

How have you been? Anything new? emotion_hug
Symbolism of number One Report | 06/02/2017 3:32 pm
Symbolism of number One
Yeah, they asked to see my bank statements and apparently I have too much money to qualify as a hardship case, even though I don't work and only deposits come from my mother.
I asked back home, one crown there is about 150 euro, which would make two 300, so it would be more than twice cheaper to do it back home.

Oh, I indeed haven't seen them before. :3 And true, they don't look like run of the mill sewer rats that you sometimes see crawling around.

We're here in this weird abnormal oscillating period where it's 27-28 one day and then 18-19 the next. Ugh...

Also I just came to my bf for a board game night and his colleague brought Magic the gathering, which is a game I heard of, but never played and they both kinda ganged up on me and killed me first both times we played, and now I'm quite pissed. I know it's irrational, but I think it was kinda... inappropriate? If someone is playing for the first time, you should go easy on them. So now I am in a different room typing this to you, while they are still playing, and I had to really exert a lot of self-control not to get rude. I guess I get pretty competitive when it comes to board games and I don't like losing, especially when I;m being blocked, attacked and prevented from progressing the entire time, as was the case here.

Hmmm, last time I got new glasses was in 2008, so I don't even remember how it felt, but I guess if it doesn't go away soon, you should change them for a different pair? Or consult your ophthalmologist at the very least? Did one of those things happen already btw, since you wrote this comment several days ago?
Symbolism of number One Report | 05/27/2017 11:35 am
Symbolism of number One
They got back to me and said they will pay for a quarter of the fee, which means I have to pay 605 euro by myself, which happens to be more than three times higher than my monthly rent. I am now looking into possibilities of doing it in Serbia.

How big are they? Have you maybe posted any photos of them on FB?

I have heard of Guardians of the Galaxy, but I don't really know what it is, so now that you tell me, it sounds familiar, but I am not acquainted with the franchise, no. :p The only Marvel thing I have been somewhat actively following is X-men.

LOL, orrrr..... try practicing saying that you're 31 now, and by next year, it won't feel as weird. :p

Aww, i hope you feel better pronto! Over here, we had 12 degrees Celsius of Wednesday and Tuesday and now 28-30 over the weekend. This global warming is seriously kicking our asses.
Symbolism of number One Report | 05/23/2017 5:10 pm
Symbolism of number One
Still no reply from the health insurance, but oh well... "German efficiency". LOL, but I can't really complain, in Serbia I would have to pay it myself either way.

Omg, you have a yaoi rat pairing. surprised LOL, jk... They don't try to mate with each other, I assume? :p

That's nice! Which movie did you see?

OMG, you're right. surprised I have been preparing myself for 30 for a few years now, but 31... sounds just so much worse. eek Of course, it is our youth-obsessed culture to blame. There used to be a time old people were respected and revered, but alas... biggrin


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