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Im a person in this world.
I am an adult.My name to which I go by on here is Taya but that is not my real name of course.

My real name is Mary Kathryn Whitney Ward try saying that three times fast ha ha.Really you can just call me Whitney for I'm only Taya when I play the yugioh card game with someone.

I love all the following music.

metal, techno ,screamo, rap, and death metal
I love drawing and watching anime...
My favorite animal is siberian tiger.
I wan't one as a pet...
I do not know how but, it will happen one day.


I miss my Pekingese dogy Ludie may her soul rest in piece...
Precious will comfort me for her during bad times.
As well will my bunny Pocky.

Heres a very small list of anime I know its not all of them its only some...
1. Azumiah Dioh
2. Angel Tales
3. Bakugun
4. Black Rock Shooter
5. Bleach
6. Black Blood Brothers
7. Boomdocks
8. Chobits
9. Duraa
10. Deathnote
11. Dokoro
12. Dragon Ball
13. Dragon Ball Z
14. Dragon Ball GT
15. Full Metal Alchemist
16. Full Metal Panic
17. Flower Storm
18. Fruits Basket
19.Fooly Cooly
20. Galaxy Angles
21. Gundam
22. Hell Girl
23. Hell Sing
24. Higurashi Nu Kura ni (when they cry)
25. Inuyashi
26. Junjou Romantica
27. Kekashi
28. Monster
29. Naruto
30. Negima
31. Hatsune Miku <--- vocaloid program that is like anime
32.Ouran High School Host Club
33. Pokemon
34. School Days
35. Shuffle
36. Shaman King
37. The Meloncholly of Haruhi Suizemiyia
38.The big O
39. Trigun
41.Mars Daybreak
42. Zero's Familiar
43. Attack on Titan
44. Corpse Party
45.hentenkai Yugi
46. Psycho Busters
47. Princess Resurrection
48. Tokyo Mew Mew
49. Shugo Charra
50. High School of the Dead
51. Corpse Party
52.Deadman Wonderland
53.Kill La Kill
55:Monster Musume
56:My Brides a Mermaid
57:Sister Princess
58:Fruits Basket
59:High School of the Dead
60:Lucky Star
61:School Rumbule
63:Special A
64:Spice and Wolf
65:Sailor Moon
66:Mako something damn I forgot...
That was a small list of anime that I watch its not the full list....
The full list is now with someone else.
Which is just sadly to bad.

Heres some of my best art

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Usagi Ui Asuna Report | 09/16/2021 12:32 pm
Usagi Ui Asuna
Hi long time no see hope u been well
Usagi Ui Asuna Report | 05/19/2021 11:50 am
Usagi Ui Asuna
the move was easy i dont move that much stuff this time i let some stuff over my cousins place for now rofl
Usagi Ui Asuna Report | 05/12/2021 7:50 pm
Usagi Ui Asuna
hi sorry for late replay i just move back home and iv been seeing my mom latly hope u been well
Usagi Ui Asuna Report | 03/10/2021 9:56 pm
Usagi Ui Asuna
gaia_angelleft hi long time no see hope you been well surprised gaia_angelright
Usagi Ui Asuna Report | 12/19/2020 7:10 pm
Usagi Ui Asuna
gaia_crown gaia_moon gaia_moon gaia_moon gaia_moon gaia_sakura HI gaia_sakura gaia_moon gaia_moon gaia_moon gaia_moon gaia_crown
Setsuna_F_Saiai Report | 11/09/2020 8:11 am
.-. upside down face idk im bored lol but hiya biggrin
Usagi Ui Asuna Report | 10/12/2020 5:32 pm
Usagi Ui Asuna
Ricocheted Hopes Report | 09/21/2020 11:40 am
Ricocheted Hopes
Ranma-kun Report | 09/13/2019 5:15 pm
Yay! That's the spirit! The Spooky Season is upon us! blaugh
Ranma-kun Report | 08/31/2019 2:08 pm
Hiiii! biggrin
Not much is up with me, lots of schoolwork, and trying to catch up on anime when I have a moment. How about you?


I am a artist, whom loves to draw.
Whom also roleplays as well as cosplay.
Also play avatar dress up games and Duel Links

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