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Stalker Sasquatch

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Birthday: 05/02


"Do not be afraid that you are dying,
and the four great elements of your body
are collapsing one into the other.
It feels as if you are being crushed by mountains.
The light of this world has faded completely,
but the light of the next world has not yet appeared.

Your breath is now still,
no warmth to your skin.
Do not be afraid,
there's no way that you can stay here.
You are leaving this world.
All lights are fading away now.
Leave behind the loved ones and all you know.
Do not be afraid and let yourself go."


I am human.
I am male.
I am relatively thin.
I am relatively tall.
I am in pain.
I am twenty six.
I have my own problems.
I'm not evil, just human.
I find faith to be foolish.
I abhor ignorance.
I am asocial, withdrawn, and introverted.
I am a bit misanthropic and pessimistic.
I am occasionally romantically philosophical.
I am able to appreciate the good alongside the bad.
I am not going to die from old age.
I do not fear death, but welcome it.
I have a job.
I went to college.
I have quite a few aspirations
I obsess over trivial things.
I like to create.
I like to destroy.
I eat healthy foods.
I enjoy inebriation.
I play PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4 and PC games.
I'm what internet people call a grammar Nazi.
Chances are I don't believe you.
I am occasionally very literal.
Take everything I say with a grain of salt.
I'm laced with sarcasm at my very core.
I am embarrassed when I spell something incorrectly.
I am typically succinct and to the point.

I enjoy making friends, especially those who
befriend me regardless of my social shell.

It's better if people don't befriend me,
for their sake if nothing else.

I like private messages.
It's better if people try not to please me, it sets a high precedent for the inevitable disappointment that will occur when people try to be my friend.

You can see some of my art here:
Deviant Art Profile

You can see some of my original writing here:
The Corrupted Man
Of a Darker Nature: From Man to Monster

You can see some of my fan fiction here:
Fanfiction Profile


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Stalker Sasquatch