II Antonia II, kresnik.

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Location: Durem 347, n° 401.

Birthday: 02/12

Occupation: Killer of monsters


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About Kresniks

Kresniks (or Crusniks, if you have a romanian accent) are forbidden creatures in the world of vampires. They are a very, very rare sort of them.

What is a kresnik ?
A kresnik is a particular vampire, who drink vampire blood instead of human (or synthetic) blood. He/she can drink human blood, but this one won't nourish him/her.
This caracteristic explains why kresniks are outcasts of the vampire reign : vampires don't accept to be preys.
Kresniks are commonly hunted and killed by vampires like animals, even babies. The only existence of a kresnik is forbidden.

How do kresniks born ?
Most vampires reproduce biting a human and sharing their blood with him/her. Some vampires use the sexual way, but they are a minority because :
1- the sexual way is typically an human method, despised by a lot of vampires.
2- biting and bloodsharing always succeeds ; sexual reproduction often fails.
3- vampires hardly resist to their bloodthirst.
4- the worst : if a vampire bites and shares his blood with a pregnant woman, the woman won't become a vampire. The baby she carries will become a kresnik, because a baby, and of course a foetus, is too young for a transformation. The pregnancy will be hard and the birth is mortal for the mother.
Because of that, male vampires prefer to bite virgin girls because they are sure to not create a kresnik. Creating accidentally a kresnik causes a punishment. Creating deliberately a kresnik is a crime punishable by death.

What are differences and common points between a vampire and a kresnik ?
1. a vampire drinks human or synthetic blood ; a kresnik drinks vampire blood.
2. most vampire usually have grey pupil eye (gold in vampire mode), sometimes red ; the red color is more common in kresniks (in berserk mode, all the eye becomes red and glowing).
3. a vampire can transform into a swarm of bats ; a kresnik transforms into mist (slower, but easy to hide)
4. a vampire has ability to charm a victim, but not a kresnik.
5. a kresnik (humanoïd form) is faster than a vampire. Both have equal forces.
6. a vampire can lost mind if he/she is thirsty ; a kresnik becomes berserk if he/she is severly injured, or think he/she will die, or because of a violent emotion. A bersek kresnik can kill everybody, even friends. It says they can definitely lose their mind and become like beasts (as a kresnik, I say it's a rumor).
This reason explains vampires kill kresniks, even babies.
- vampires and kresniks have pale skin, pointy teeth, easily sunburns.
- common abilities of kresniks and vampires : alchemy and magic ; both heal easily if they are fed ; accuracy and ability to see in the night.

Because of persecutions, kresniks often hides and trust very few people. They prefer to hide in human world : humans fears them but they don't kill them (most humans don't even know existence of kresniks...)
Kresniks often become vampire hunter : it's a way to find their food. Life for kresniks is a bit more easy since the opening of Dead Man's Shadow, because monsters give sometimes bottle of vampires blood.

Since the death of Vladimir von Helson, the vampire kingdom is in ruins and kresniks are a bit forgotten by vampires. Hiding is easier. Some kresniks hope the half-blooded lord of vampires, Louie von Helson, because of his human mother, will change the law and will stop the persecution. A lot of kresniks don't trust the lordship.


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