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Gender: Male

Location: The Hidden Leaf Village

Occupation: Ramen Lover, Master Shinobi, 7th Hokage


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"I'm not gonna run away. I never go back on my word. That's my nindo:, my ninja way!"

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Naruto Uzumaki is a shinobi of Konohagakure. He became the jinchūriki of the Nine-Tails on the day of his birth — a fate that caused him to be shunned by most of Konoha throughout his childhood. After joining Team Kakashi, Naruto worked hard to gain the village's acknowledgement all the while chasing his dream to become Hokage. In the following years, through many hardships and ordeals, he became a capable ninja regarded as a hero both by the villagers, and soon after, the rest of the world, becoming known as the Hero of the Hidden Leaf.
He soon proved to be one of the main factors in winning the Fourth Shinobi World War, leading him to achieve his dream and become the village's Seventh Hokage.

Physical Attributes
Hair Color: Blonde/Yellow
Eye Color: Blue
Height: Part I: 4'9" (144.78 cm) Part II: 5'6" (166 cm) The Last: 5'11" (180 cm)
Weight: Part I: 88 lbs (39.91 kg) Part II: 121 lbs (50.9 kg)

Personal Interests/Hobbies
Eating ramen, talking about ramen, thinking about ramen, training/sparring, hang out with friends, going on missions

Waiting for the ramen to cook after applying the hot water, nay sayers, cheats, liers, Sakura's brutality, Jiraiya's pervertedness


The face behind Konoha's Knuckleheaded Ninja

(Some information on here is subject to change)

Hello there! How's it going? Good hopefully ^^ Welcome to my dojo xD Anyway, I'm glad you dropped by cause now I can chew your ear off with what I have to say lol
So I guess to kick things off, I'm a married College student who's currently working as a part time sales associate and enjoys living life to the fullest. I have a wide variety of interests in food, music, movies, shows, anime, and hobbies. Foods: I love steak, burgers, salads, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, and especially ramen! I'm known in my family as the human garbage disposal cause I'll eat anything and anything leftover ;P Music: It usually varies depending on my mood, but I've enjoyed hard rock, metal/heavy metal, rap, some country, punk, pop, jazz, opera, instrumental like Beethoven, nightcore, even just random soundtracks and theme songs from videogames, movies, shows, and anime. Speaking of movies, shows, and anime, I actually have no favorites since I pretty much watch anything and every genre. Believe me when I say this, you'd be here for a while if I went over all of them xD Hobbies: I love to draw, hang out with friends and family especially my wife, play videogames, exercise/workout, and try new, crazy, and unpredictable things. Right now, I'm interested in cooking! Though I set a bar for some activities in order to prevent the worst case scenario sweatdrop
My dream is to be the best I can be in everything I do in life. My career goals are not set in stone because I currently don't know what I wanna do, which is one of the main reasons I've been looking into enlisting for the Air Force. All that I want is to be the best friend, person, student, teacher, son, husband, futute father, and caregiver I can be no matter what that means.
Oh looks like I've gone on long enough. Don't wanna spill all the beans haha If you're interested in learning more about me, don't hesitate to contact me any way that suites you best. I'm a pretty laid back guy and love making new friends, ya know! However, I take friendships seriously so don't go pulling any salty moves on me or my friends cause I can also be a real a*****e, believe it! Anyway, thanks for stopping by and seeya around~


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l Choji_Akimichi I Report | 08/18/2020 2:36 pm
DuaI_Wielder_Kirito Report | 08/18/2020 2:17 pm
NOXV Report | 05/26/2020 10:21 pm
Just saw the comment below me,i really hope youre doing alright bud. Youre a fighter too, strong,understanding,kind,social,positive etc. But we also have to express our other emotions too.
And i really really mean it. Be strong even though there are tough times.
NOXV Report | 05/26/2020 10:11 pm
Thank you for the love and support, i really appreciate it ;^; and yes your positivity really affected me~
Im actually fighting this since i was a kid but im on meds for for 2 years now,
Thats true it feels like prison in my own home but hey we can do lots of things in our own ome too!
Start concentrating on being or doing, better at something! Hope they will find the vaccine by next year though...2020 is a disaster😅
Love Dangos Report | 05/25/2020 7:24 pm
Not a problem, I understand you needed to take a hiatus. Welcome back Naruto!!
Don't forget to take deep breaths to have cool head. I know that life has their ups and downs and that's what makes
us stronger!
*Pats head*
And thank you!! It means a lot to me to hear that hahaha proves I did a great job !
TaiI Star Report | 05/25/2020 12:03 am
I'll send it to you via pm.
Knaw it didn't make me uncomfortable, I'm just sayin' that we gotta keep this stuff only between you and I.
I just don't want anyone to get into your business as a comrade. Let other people ask you directly what you're going through and answer them personally.
It's for the sake of your privacy.
TaiI Star Report | 05/24/2020 10:40 pm
Good good.
If you have any problems or whatever, best to send me a pm or discord to give me a heads up.
Just be polite enough to give me a hello before we jump into it, got it? I can't have your personal life on my comment feed and be exploited.
Cosmic Shinobi Report | 05/23/2020 10:58 am
My fav character is Kakashi, but idk, I love them all lol.
And not really, Id love to cosplay Batman, Robin and some characters from Boku no Hero or League of Legends but if cosplaying Naruto characters is hard enough, can´t imagine finding the right items for all those characters haha
Batman and Robin arent really hard but I´m just too lazy rn :p
You´re really good cosplaying Naruto, U also have iShinobi Naruto doll right? thats awesome!
NOXV Report | 05/23/2020 4:32 am
LMAO I almost forgot to say this, thanks for the compliment its misuzu from the anime called air!
And yw for the compliment🐥🐥
NOXV Report | 05/23/2020 4:22 am
Ayee your remember me huhu! As usual youre so outgoing and active haha, its really nice of you ^^
And thats true, sometimes we need a time off with social media or materialistic stuff. Good for you,moving forward! Its refreshing!
As for me im getting the help i needed, im on meds for 2 years i think? For depression and anxiety, so far im doing well with lots of love from my family~ i love them sm.
My doctor said it takes time to heal but i dont think my fam understands that, they think after im done with the meds im all better hahaha
but rn the virus is here so i cant go out much anymore and that makes it worse for my mental health tbh but I'll try my best💪


"If you don't like your destiny, don't accept it. Instead, have the courage to change it the way you want it to be."
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