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Gender: Female

Birthday: 04/06

Occupation: WHUT? :D


-Born April 6th to American parents.

-I'm hetrosexual.

-My best friend on Gaia [and IRL] is giraffeluv18. She is my closest friend and it will never change.

-I think her boyfriend is super cute 4laugh

-Michael Jackson saved my life. I could never live without hearing his music and seeing his face in Magazines.

-I take pictures of myself when I'm bored.

-I've never stolen anything in my life. Nor have I ever taken drugs, or consumed alcohol.

-I have always wanted to go somewhere outside of the United States. More specific... Zambia or Italy.

-I say random things to fill awkward silence.

-I have a brother, who is fifteen. I love him more than the world.

-I do photography when I feel inspired.

-I use ";D" in probably every message I've ever sent.

-My all-time favorite celebrity is Charlie McDonnell. He is my life and I could not live without Challenge Charlie.

-I have met many famous people such as Mindy Kaling [plays Kelly Kapor The Office], George Lopez, Martin Starr, Steve Carrell [plays Michael Scott on The Office], Rainn Wilson [plays Dwight K Schrute on The Office], and Mitchell Musso.

-I say many boys are hot, though only 2 of them are very dear to my heart.

-I don't believe in fairy tale endings, though I'm still waiting for one to happen

-I hate, more than anything else in this world, is my hometown... though I love the people in it. <3

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    Hi. Scroll Down!
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    MA PEENIS IS HAIRY is my hippy flower buddy heart
    I do not have a CB crush. ))_((

    Call me KATY
    I live in Illinois
    My favorite color is Orange
    My birthday is April 6th
    I have a brother
    I love my parents
    Im kind
    Im polite
    I love to laugh
    Im energetic
    Im sporty
    Im optimistic
    Im SEXY ;P
    I never say never [lol wut]
    Im straight
    I love food
    Im an insomniac
    I get good grades
    I love music
    I can juggle
    I love to travel
    I wear glasses
    I love photography
    I don't have a best friend
    My favorite Gaian is MA PEENIS IS HAIRY (ILY BABE)
    Im single
    I get bullied a lot
    I don't like clowns
    I hate spiders
    I fear death
    I'm sarcastic
    I am in love with someone... <3
    I am a philanthropist
    I'm tech savy
    I'm a total hipster
    I'm insecure sometimes
    I dance
    I act
    I love my friends
    I quote movies a lot
    I watch Skins (OMGGG)
    I am in love with The Real World (NEW ORLEANS WAS DA BEST SEASON <3)
    I love Michael Jackson
    I'm claustrophobic
    I know a lot of big words
    I play Scrabble
    I like math
    I question things a lot
    I'm sensitive
    I'm fun
    I'm energetic
    I'm weird
    I'm funny
    I'm a happy person
    I'm lovable
    I'm crazy
    I'm corny
    I'm playful
    I'm easily angered
    I have a short temper
    I'm short
    I'm smiley
    I'm rude at times.
    I'm open minded
    I'm outspoken
    I'm musical
    I'm forgetful
    I curse a lot
    I'm laughable
    I'm nerdy
    I don't want to grow up
    I'm unique
    I'm different
    I'm sometimes perverted
    I'm dirty minded
    I have dimples
    I'm sexual
    I'm clumsy
    I'm a klutz
    I'm impatient
    I'm loud
    I'm dorky
    I'm care-free
    I'm a hopeless romantic
    I'm Jewish
    I'm creative
    I'm easily bored
    I'm random
    I'm cheesy
    I'm sarcastic
    I have an active imagination
    I'm childish
    I'm immature
    I'm violent
    I have a smart mouth
    I'm detailed
    I can be a b***h (Not all the time, though.)
    I'm specific
    I'm gullible at times
    I'm picky
    I'm sympathetic
    I'm competitive
    I'm a texter
    I'm a virgin
    I'm a Gay and a TWLOHA Supporter
    I'm a singer
    I'm a dancer
    I'm a guitar player
    I'm easily distracted
    I have big eyes
    I'm a dare devil
    I take chances
    I love live theatre
    I don't eat a lot, if at all
    I don't have a reason to live very long
    Im bipolar (So don't judge my emotions a lot)
    I cry a lot
    I don't like bracelets

    Ill add more when I have time.

thats what she said

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vardofive Report | 04/06/2013 7:46 am
Hey NEWpattis22, long time. Hope you are well.
vardofive Report | 05/12/2012 3:43 am
Hi there pattis. i hope things are well in your world kiddo. Peace for now.
spagnuolowilson Report | 07/25/2011 7:36 am
cool avi
vardofive Report | 07/05/2011 3:04 pm
Omg it's NEWpattis22! How the heck are ya lady? Hope you're enjoying your summer. Take care.
Misa Masachika Report | 06/26/2011 5:23 am
Misa Masachika
xD I've been good thanks. Howve you been and hows school life/ :p
Misa Masachika Report | 06/23/2011 7:48 am
Misa Masachika
Swcumptious Mwuffin Report | 04/07/2011 5:42 pm
Swcumptious Mwuffin
OMFG, Katy search up Crimson Marionette
My 'rents gave me m$ney so i bought gcash razz
So now ima buy 'the crimson marionette! So get ready for b-day money!
Misa Masachika Report | 04/07/2011 2:26 am
Misa Masachika
Happy Birthday
Swcumptious Mwuffin Report | 04/06/2011 5:27 pm
Swcumptious Mwuffin
sorry i wasn't here all day, i was trying to create a get-rich-quick scheme. xd
i'll try to send you b-day moneeee~
Infamous Saiint Report | 04/06/2011 7:54 am
Infamous Saiint
happy bday.!!!!


These people are awesome.. and you can be awesome too, if you made me a sign! <3
Unless your Chained Corpse, vardofive, 3f3zzi345, or MA PEENIS IS HAIRY... THENNN you're already awesome as is ;D

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